15+ Things That Bring Some Burning Questions To Mind


Sometimes a picture helps us better understand a story. Other times, though, a picture just leads to questions that probably won't ever be answered.

We can't tell you what's going on with these pics, but at least we can share in your befuddlement.

1. Tub with a view.

Reddit | Lukashavla

That looks like a nice bathtub and all, but is there any good reason for it to be positioned next to the front door?

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Reddit | CalmProfit

There's a whole range of wraps and covers to put on your Macbook to make it your own. I think this one missed the mark.

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3. That it does.

Reddit | cdistefa

I want to know more about the person who was laid to rest here. Is it their death that sucks, or is there a deeper story?

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4. Pic-ception.

Reddit | hech_kay

I like how the image on the camera's viewfinder shows...the camera itself. Maybe it's bad Photoshop or maybe it's a highly advanced camera.

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5. The state of our infrastructure.

Reddit | kuruboy

If this is what the cables that carry our electricity and internet look like, I'm just grateful we still have electrictiy and internet.

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6. See you next vjsjt!

Reddit | frozenfirefly

This sign conveys a nice message, if you can just get around the fact that the i's have been replaced with j's.

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7. Undunkable.

Reddit | plantarSublease

The graphic on this bottle of milk has an Oreo cookie on it, but the bottle is too small to allow said Oreo to be dunked.

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8. Not one, but two.

Reddit | _ballen_

These bathrooms — which both appear to be in the same house — come complete with lush, thick carpeting. Not gross at all.

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9. The label lies.

Reddit | Org_ChemistVir

It's a pretty bold move to place a 'seedless' sticker on a melon that has about a million seeds in full view.

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10. All over the place.

Reddit | BertiusMaximus

Is there a good reason this pill packet doesn't have the days of the week laid out in chronological order?

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11. There are two first floors, and one ground floor.

Reddit | T-O-n

Parts of this elevator keypad make sense — like, the second through thirteenth floors all check out. But then it just gets ugly.

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12. CoFFe.

Reddit | circuitBoard98

I see what they tried to do here, but a) 'coffee' is misspelled, and b) cobalt, fluorine and iron have nothing to do with coffee.

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13. This isn't right.

Reddit | isibuleleae

I'm not one to start boycotts and I'm not one to use pomade. But I still want to boycott this pomade.

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14. Excellent placement.

Reddit | pleasebepleasant

At this train station, you can either stay out of the rain or sit on the bench, but you can't have both.

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15. So many questions.

Reddit | NoPhilosophy90210

I have some burning questions about what happened on this street and evidently, the neighbors do as well.

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16. Did they forget it was supposed to be a ramp?

Reddit | Hawk3y305

The hill to the right of this ramp offers ample space for the ramp to get to the sidewalk. And yet they went for the stairs shortcut.

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17. Fixer-upper.

Reddit | OnlyKiri

This was found behind a built-in wardrobe. It's always fun buying a house that someone else has tinkered with beforehand.

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18. Flash frozen.

Reddit | CreepyGuardian03

If you've ever wondered how quickly TV dinners get flash-frozen, just look at this fly. It probably didn't even know what hit it.

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19. Zapped.

Reddit | thecheesycheeselover

It looks like this keyboard got slashed with a lightsaber but apparently, it was the sun shining through a window that did this.

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20. What a deal!

Reddit | Willie_Everlearn

These price stickers are totally honest about the discount, but it does make one question why discount stickers were deemed necessary in the first place.

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