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People Online Can't Agree About The Correct Name For Ice Pops

Summer is that time of the year when we crave cold treats. It's so bloody hot outside that if you don't stick something cold in your mouth, you'll melt. Am I right? Ha, ha!

But there is a heated debate going online about one favorite cold treat. I'm talking about ice pops, people. As it turns out, folks have so many different names for them.

Let me ask you a question: what is your beloved summer cold treat?

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Is it ice cream? Oh, yes, I love it too. Or is it ice pops? Hmm, that's a hard one because I pretty much can't live without either of them.

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Now let's focus on ice pops. Shall we?

Is that what you call them? I recently stumbled upon a few Twitter debates about this very subject. And it seems that people can't agree on what you call these cold treats.

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Some of the names folks have been throwing out there are pretty hilarious.

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And I have to say, many of them I never even heard of — seriously. I'm going to share a few wild ones with you. I want to know if you've heard of them.

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Have you ever heard anyone call ice pops 'otter pops'?


I'm pretty sure I have not. What does that even mean? Ha, ha! A quick Google search reveals that it's actually a name brand. Now I get where the name comes from, aha!

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Does this one throw you for a loop?

This person claims that if you're Mexican, you call them "boolis." What? OMG, that's crazy! I definitely never heard of that. Why would anyone call them that? Can somebody shed some light on this for me?

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Just when I thought I've heard the weirdest one, then comes this.

Do people really call these "Zooper Dooper"? The only thing running through my mind is: Why? Again, Google comes to the rescue. Zooper Dooper is an Australian brand of ice pops. Ha, ha!

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Another company came up with a cute name for these.

They call them ice lollies. Awe, I have to admit I kind of like that. When you think about it, they are sort of lollipops that are frozen, no? So it makes total sense to me.

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Now I'm going to tell you what I called these when I was a kid.

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I called them "freezies." So these folks are definitely my kind of people, hehe. I guess ice pops would work, too, but I like freezies much better.

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So we can end the debate and call these 'ice pops,' or we can just keep going with it.

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What do you think? Ha, ha! Which name resonates with you the best? And by the way, I can't wait for hot weather to eat these again soon!

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