14+ Bad Breaks That Come With Good Stories


When something bad happens, it can be mentally salvageable if it's at least attached to a good story.

Now, just remember, a good story isn't necessarily about good, happy stuff — it just means it's an entertaining yarn.

1. Was that an earthquake?

Reddit | lol62056

This couple was, uh, under the covers at the moment a big earthquake struck. Seems like a date they'll never forget.

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2. Can't choose your family.

Reddit | college-tool

The person who posted this made a special meal for their parents. Unfortunately, their parents got angry at them for using expensive teabags and left. In the end, a story's a story.

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3. Get comfy.

Reddit | Scaulbylausis

She meant to be in audio-only mode for this Zoom call, but she hit video instead. At least her coworkers know she's comfortable.

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4. Road trip!

Reddit | YungFerg

This is usually a relatively straightforward ten-hour drive. But now that the road's washed out, you can look forward to an epic 66-hour road trip.

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5. Bring the outside in.

Reddit | Kjakan

When you live in Svalbard, Norway, and you leave the window open, you're bound to have a good story in the end.

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6. Win some, lose some.

Reddit | zingusdingus

This DIYer notes that they saved $150 in install fees by installing their own microwave. Sure, they also incurred some costs, but who's keeping score?

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7. At least she tried.

Reddit | Srob87

She dressed in a full-body banana suit for Halloween. Turns out she's the only person in her office who did so. At least she'll have a story.

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8. Pretty close.

Reddit | BlahMehUgh

This guy's wife told him to measure the doors, he said they're all the same size. Now his wife has a great story.

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9. Troubleshooting.

Reddit | unidentifies

This guy said that different websites were blurred in the top-left corner. His kid came around, saw the candle, and correctly identified the source of the problem.

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10. Probably worth it.

Reddit | FusRoChris

This shows Liverpool FC's Mo Salah, posing with a young fan. You see, that fan was so excited to see him that he bonked himself into a lightpost.

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11. It used to be an egg.

Reddit | Giagus

This chocolate egg got absolutely obliterated by the sun. But hey, look on the bright side — now it's chocolate sauce. It also mostly stayed in the box.

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12. A delivery's a delivery.

Reddit | Jay_Ferg

This was the delivery confirmation photo sent to some poor soul. That said, food is temporary, but hilarious photos are forever.

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13. Mystery meal.

Reddit | FabHckyBbe

After not going outside for a few days, the person who lives here found this mysterious DoorDash order. At least someone got it, right?

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14. It was a weird commute.

Reddit | blackjacketset

On one hand, this shuriken has ruined their tire. On the other hand, they get to wonder for the rest of their life what a shuriken was doing on the road.

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15. If you didn't have bad luck, you'd have no luck at all.

Reddit | opihinalu

This person's car inexplicably got struck by lightning, which is a terrible break. At least they weren't in it at the time, I guess.

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16. What are the odds?

Reddit | bytorthesnowdog

Keeping the lightning theme going, check out this mailbox that got blown up by lightning. If the homeowner needed firewood, this is kind of a win.

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17. Zero leakage.

Reddit | zerosumratio

This iced coffee to go looks like a travesty, but at least the barista packed it in a bag so it wouldn't leak everywhere.

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18. There it is!

Reddit | dragonboy2734

This submitter says they lost their wallet, then ordered a new one, then thought to check the chair they were sitting in when they lost it.

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19. Small accident.

Reddit | astakask

This was posted by someone who received it from their dad, announcing he'd gotten into 'a bit of a fender bender'. Looking at the smoke, we're just glad he survived.

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