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Woman Transforms Her Dog's Cone Into Creative And Hilarious Costumes

For dogs, having to wear a medical cone is usually quite the unpleasant experience, and with the combined pain of getting fixed, it can be downright traumatizing for our furry friends.

One pupper found himself pretty down in the dumps after being neutered and having to wear a cone. Fortunately for him, his owner decided to add some epic decorations to his new accessory to make his tail wag with joy once again.

This golden retriever had to wear his cone for two long weeks.

As The Dodo reported, Finn was certainly upset about his not-so-fancy headgear, but still dutifully wore it, as instructed by the vet.

His mom, Jenn Frates, decided that he deserved something special for being such a good boy, so she took to Pinterest for some ideas on how to decorate his cone. She found thousands of ideas and as a result, Finn had a new cone look to proudly sport every single day.

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He was certainly lovin' it, to say the least.

Frates got to work making sure that Finn had an equally creative and hilarious look to show off.

From a snow cone to a basketball hoop and so much more, Frates pulled out all the stops, and Finn wasn't bashful in the least anymore.

Here are some of Finn's greatest costumes, courtesy of his fun-loving momma!

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Finn became an expert model and delicious dessert.

According to Frates, Finn was very comfortable posing for a picture every day in his usual spot in the yard.

He sat where he was needed every time his mom wanted to snap a photo for his Instagram page, and sported his decorated cone with pride.

We think this waffle cone with a cherry on top looks pretty sweet.

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This one is for all of the Game of Thrones fans.

Game Thrones is known for being violent, obscene and frightening.

Luckily, all we see here is adorableness from little prince Finn. Step aside, because the iron throne is officially his.

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The attention to detail is impeccable.

Without a doubt, Finn really got in the game with this one.

The level of detail put into the hoop and the basketball, combined with Finn's expert pose, gets the highest scores. We think it's time for Finn to not only get signed as a professional model but also into the NBA.

Did someone say "Air Bud"?

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We are seriously thankful for these cone creations.

As soon as Frates posted a new cone photo of Finn, both friends and strangers rejoiced.

Instantly dote-worthy, Finn's Instagram page, called Finn the Golden, has developed quite the fan following. We are feeling extra thankful for this adorable Thanksgiving cone creation.

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We are definitely nerding out over this one.

Calling all Star Wars fans, this is not a drill.

It looks like Finn isn't taking this cone business lying down. Like we imagine most dogs with a cone to be, it looks like Finn is vengeful in the most adorable way possible. We hope that he doesn't go to the dark side over this!

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Finn's cone life was even extended a little bit.

Just when Finn was supposed to be getting his cone off, his sentence was extended because he couldn't stop licking and making his situation a bit worse.

As you can see in that day's creation, he got an extra four days of cone costumes for his human to put together.

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Eventually, it was time for Finn to hang up his cone.

After an epic run, Finn was finally done with his cone life and ready to go back to being an energetic puppy. While his cone legacy is over, it lives on through his Instagram page and all of the whimsical cone creations that Frates made to lift her poor pupper's spirits.

Let us know what you think of Finn's adorable cone outfits in the comments and if you'd ever try one for your dog.

h/t: Instagram | @goldenfinnanigans, The Dodo,

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