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White Claw Is Releasing An Even Boozier Version Of Its Popular Hard Seltzer

Brittany Rae

At this point, absolutely every millennial and Gen Z knows what White Claw is. Hell, everyone does!

The incredibly popular hard seltzer brand has had massive success with its now-iconic set of flavors, which all feature 5% alcohol.

Now, White Claw is looking to pack a little more punch with White Claw Surge, which will push their ABV to an even boozier 8%.

Ah, White Claw.

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The beverage choice of trendy millennials and Gen Zs everywhere. It's popular among both demographics for a reason: it's relatively low calorie, comes in trendy flavors, and is aesthetically pleasing to look at.

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White Claw decided to capitalize on their popularity by releasing something totally new.

Meet Surge, the new addition to the White Claw family. With two new flavors — cranberry and blood orange — and a higher ABV (that's alcohol by volume), it's sure to be the hit of the summer.

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The internet found the news hilarious.

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If White Claw ever adds taurine or caffeine to their seltzers, you'll know exactly where the idea came from. Until then, we can dream of a simpler time.

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So, when can you get it?

Right now! The release may be a little slow with the COVID-19 pandemic, but you should be able to find the new Surge cans (and a new variety pack) by summer 2021.

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