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Rest In Peace With An Inflatable Coffin Pool Float

Brittany Rae

Novelty pool floats are some of the most fun things you can buy for your house, and you may quote me on that.

Unlike most areas of a home, pools are the one area where you're free to buy bright, colorful, ridiculous accessories. Take a pool coffin, for example. Sounds dark and gothic... but is it really?

I bet you weren't expecting this.

If anyone was expecting a creepy coffin, you're still in luck: this also comes in black. However, a hot pink coffin is exactly my style, so I had to show it to you first.

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And now for the black coffin.

This is still cool as hell! (Get it. Hell. Get it?)

Both floats were created by Pom Pom Floats, a company headed by Canadian industrial designer Andrew Greenbaum.

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The idea behind them? Make cool pool floats that look chic and modern.

"Pom Pom was created with the idea to design pool floats that are radically different and more visually interesting than what is being offered by the popular float companies," they said on their website.

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You can get the pink and black coffins from their site.

Each retails for $75, and is available right here.

What do you think of these pool floats? I think they're hilarious and so well-designed. And if you're patient, you can get one on sale! Score.

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