Man Laid Off During Pandemic Starts Offering Free Lawncare To Seniors

When people fall on hard times, they're often left feeling hopeless and discouraged. This has been especially true during the pandemic as people continue to lose their jobs and the lifestyles that they were so accustomed to.

However, one man decided to do something positive for his community after being laid off during the pandemic, and his selfless actions in a time of such negativity and disappointment are truly inspiring.

The man decided to turn hardship into helping the community.

As Total Landscape Care reported, Brian Schwartz was working as a digital advertising executive in Wayne, New Jersey before he was suddenly laid off during the pandemic.

Without his career, he needed to find something to do with his time. He could have started many different hobbies or perhaps even fallen into a pandemic-induced funk, but instead he decided to help the seniors in his area by mowing their lawns.

For free.

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Mowing lawns was therapeutic for Schwartz.

In the beginning, he was mostly just looking for ways to keep himself busy, but he quickly found that mowing lawns was actually quite stress relieving.

It dawned on him that he could use his newfound extra time to help both himself, and his elderly neighbors.

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His idea expanded far beyond anything he imagined.

Schwartz decided to form his own website to offer free lawn mowing services to seniors 65 and older. On that website, I Want to Mow Your Lawn, he posts regular newsletters on how people can submit requests for their lawns to be mowed.

Schwartz's good deeds did not go without notice as requests increased and various media outlets across the country have applauded him and his efforts.

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Before long, there were other volunteers.

After word caught on, people were inspired by Schwartz's support for his community. With the help of an influx of volunteers, over 100 elderly clients, many of them veterans, have had their lawns taken care of, free of charge. He plans on expanding his service soon to also cater to cancer patients and single mothers in need of some lawn care.

Additionally, his website has expanded for landscapers and other professionals to volunteer their services as well. One down-on-his-luck man created a domino effect of community collectivism, and we can't stop celebrating it.

Let us know what you think of this inspiring story in the comments and if you know an elder that may benefit from this service.

h/t: Total Landscape Care

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