15+ Funny Signs That Told Us Things We Never Thought We'd Need To Hear

There are some unspoken rules about life that we all come to understand as we grow up. No one needs to tell us these things, we just connect the dots on our own and figure out what's okay and what's not.

Some people...well, they simply don't learn these rules, so they need a little guidance. That's why these signs that tell us things we never thought we'd need to hear still pop up.

1. "I’ve never seen a hotel pool sign so blunt before."

Reddit | TurtlesTurnMeOn

In its defense, it sort of has to be. This isn't a subject that should be tip-toed around.

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2. "Seems a bit unnecessary."

Reddit | Just_Barren_Mind

People will try. You think it's unnecessary, but people will try it, no matter how much we all want to think otherwise.

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3. "Sign outside of a motorcycle dealership."

Reddit | sinnedk1

It's a scientific fact that owning a motorcycle makes you more attractive, so you actually would solve both issues. Nothing to lose except some funds.

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4. "Apparently this was enough of an issue at the local hospital that they need a custom sign made up..."

Reddit | mercutio1

I'm mostly shocked at how animated that kicking stickman is. He's really putting some force behind it.

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5. "A sign telling us that Leroy from the McKinleyville barbershop has donated 100 gallons of blood."

Reddit | aikinurse

To the barber shop? Was it his own blood? This leaves a lot of questions.

(But really, this is a huge feat, congrats to Leroy!)

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6. "This bag of crisps tells you the best before date in astrological signs."

Reddit | Leowong8225

Someone in the comments clarified that Taurus, in this case, is a type of potato that was used to make the chips.

The zodiac sign idea is funnier, though. I'll only eat chips that expire under Aquarius.

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7. "Local dive bar near me."

Reddit | arachno-fem

It's better to set low expectations than high ones! Now they'll be impressed if you have food at all!

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8. "This trail sign leading you to the nearest drink!"

Reddit | daygloviking

You went on a hike. On a trail. You deserve a drink after that and they're providing you your reward.

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9. "Interesting warning on a mug."

Reddit | An-person

Gasoline can be for a person, but only once. If you're willing to accept the risk, it can be for people.

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10. "Only in Australia would you need to put this sign in public bathrooms."

Reddit | Dan1el_va

Absolutely torn between wanting, no, needing to know the story here and also not wanting to mystery to be lost.

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11. "These signs as you leave the medical center in my city."

Reddit | larniebarney

The way this is worded makes it seem like they want you to come back on purpose instead. Well, if you insist.

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12. "This sign outside the Harbor Master’s House."

Reddit | IAteTheBone

This is a sign that probably shouldn't be on the ground hidden by a planter, but at least there's a reminder at all.

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13. "This passive aggressive sign in a restaurant bathroom."

Reddit | teelurt87

When it comes to public sanitation, we should all be each others' mothers. Wash your hands.

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14. "The note/sign on the thermostat of a local restaurant."

Reddit | rockxroyalty

Sometimes extreme reminders are the ones that work the best. I'm sure it's never been too cold in there even once.

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15. "This funny sign my city put up about dogs."

Reddit | jfk116

The fact that this has to be said at all is mind-boggling. Who out there still isn't picking up after their dog? Why? Who hurt you? Get help.

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16. "Sign on bathroom stalls at local campground."

Reddit | Svedish_f1sh

Really interested in whoever tried to flush their ex's sweater. Surely there are easier, more cathartic ways to get rid of that, especially at a campground!

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17. "Funny sign at my [veterinarian's] office."

Reddit | quintin9

It's certainly a scarier threat than a fine or towing is. I don't park illegally anywhere of course, but now I definitely wouldn't.

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18. "A local farmer got sick of tourists entering his farm so he erected this sign."

Reddit | stupidperson810

He should set up a toll booth. Let people pay to get in just to tell them to turn around.

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19. "My daughter and I went to a salvage yard to pick up a car door for my granddaughter [...]. This was a sign next to their front door."

Reddit | unavailableidname

Cheap parts and a free rattlesnake? What a deal!

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20. "At my local yarn shop in Syracuse, NY."

Reddit | photophunk

Even before the whole pandemic thing, that was a weird thing to do. Just touch it with your hands. Your face is not a better judge.

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