8-Year-Old Girl Goes Viral For Spot-On Impression Of Mom Working From Home

Many firmly believe in the saying, "like mother, like daughter," which essentially means that daughters take after their moms.

While this may not be the case for all, it's certainly the case for one 8-year-old girl who was featured in a viral video doing a very accurate impression of her mom working from home during the pandemic.

When it comes to this level of attention to detail, there's hardly any denying that children pay attention to pretty much everything their parents do.

8-year-old Adelle knows how to take an imaginary phone call.

YouTube | Adelle With 2 Ls

As Good Morning America reported, Colleen Chulis from Charlottesville, Virginia, posted a very entertaining video on her LinkedIn page of her daughter Adelle doing impressions of her.

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There's no denying this little girl has been paying attention.

YouTube | Adelle With 2 Ls

In the clip, Adelle does a masterful job depicting what it's like for her mom to work from home while also having to attend to virtual meetings.

From shushing the "kids" to snapping her fingers at them while taking a very important phone call, Adelle leaves viewers in stitches with her painfully accurate WFH impression.

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Colleen has been working with a house full of kids.

Mike Fox l Unsplash

When the pandemic began, the kids started hybrid learning, which means Colleen was at home working with her sons, 10-year-old Luke and 6-year-old Declan and her daughter Adelle there as well.

As a busy regional vice president of SAP SuccessFactors, Colleen has a hectic day of both professionalism and mom duties to manage.

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Juggling both roles has certainly not been easy for this busy momma.

Unsplash | Chris Montgomery

"I'm on video and I work in sales so I'm talking to customers a lot," Collen told GMA. "I think the challenge for me is I'm presenting on PowerPoint and the kids are like, 'Can you get me an [ice pop]?'"

Her kids have even gotten a little creative when they need to get their mom's attention during the work day.

"They'll pass notes under the door ," Colleen explained. "It's the day-to-day stuff that happens."

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Adelle had been dying to film her impressions.

YouTube | Adelle With 2 Ls

After watching her mom day after day, Adelle was begging to film a short video. One day, Colleen finally agreed, and that changed everything.

The video has over 9 million views on LinkedIn at the time of this writing. For those who know the struggle of parenting and working from home, Adelle's impressions were both spot-on and hilarious.

Check out the full video below.

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However, the clip also highlights the struggles of being a working parent at home with the kids.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has been a trying time for many. This includes parents who are suddenly having to support kids through virtual learning while managing their professional lives from home.

Although Colleen told GMA her husband is also very supportive, he's now gone back to working out of the home, and it's up to her to keep their brood in line during the day.

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Colleen's video has proven that the struggle is, indeed, universal.

Giphy | Rosanna Pansino

In the comments, many people expressed their amusement at little Adelle's impression, while also saying they too can relate.

"I have 4 children between 17 months old and 11 years old...the finger snapping really got me, I do the same thing to my kids," one person wrote. "I think it is comforting for people to see that they are not the only ones living life this way over the past year."

Let us know what you think of this impressive impression video in the comments and if you think Adelle did a good job.

h/t:Good Morning America

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