15+ Times That Nature Had A Surprise In Store For Us


With respect to anyone who thinks love is the most powerful force on the planet, this is totally wrong. The most powerful thing in existence is obviously nature.

It's always there, often doing its work in the background. But when nature comes to the forefront, it's always a good show.

1. Layers.

Reddit | Ill_Ad_1369

Why isn't this smoke drifting further and further up? It's because it hit an invisible thermal layer that causes it to dissipate at a certain altitude.

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2. Bulking up.

Reddit | QuietType22

Dandelions are seen as weeds by many people, and they subsequently get plucked or poisoned. This weirdly thick dandelion, with six (!) heads, looks like it wants to fight back.

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3. It's hungry for signs.

Reddit | madcast

This tree has almost completely surrounded this sign as it grows, causing it to bend with the pressure.

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4. Poop imitates life.

Reddit | FlightlessRock

Sure, you've had birds poop on your car before, but have you ever seen bird poop in the shape of a bird?

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5. 🙂.

Reddit | imthealpaca

This onion just got sliced in half with a sharp knife, but that isn't going to stop it from smiling.

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6. This leaf is fire.

Reddit | coldc123

Leaves can turn some spectacularly bright colors in the fall, but I think this leaf has literally all the colors.

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7. Heist gone wrong.

Reddit | MrShatanas

Everyone knows that raccoons are devious little critters who will go to great lengths to eat. Here's just one example.

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8. Polished by the sea.

Reddit | empyr69er

At one time, these were shards of broken glass and pottery. But the ocean has polished them into something that resembles gemstones.

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9. Don't get sucked in.

Reddit | hconfiance

This pic, taken off the coast of Western Australia, shows just how powerful riptides are. It's a reminder that beaches can be dangerous.

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10. Look closer.

Reddit | josiechic

This is a nice pic on its own, but if you look just to the left of the flower, the hovering insect looks just like Tinkerbell.

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11. Mom, is that you?

Reddit | mummabia

This person is stationed in Antarctica and it looks like this baby penguin doesn't want them to ever go back home.

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12. A helping hand.

Reddit | KingCudd

This massive tree branch is a bit too heavy for the tree to support it. With a little help from this crutch, it's thriving.

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13. Foxy.

Reddit | iDomBMX

It takes skill to capture a photo that looks this majestic. Foxes are weirdly cat-like, considering they're members of the canine family.

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14. Blessed toilet.

Reddit | DanielInternets

Sometimes the magic of light refraction works just so, and your toilet becomes ensconced in a kaleidoscope of bright colors.

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15. Uneasy sky.

Reddit | SerNaiz

I don't know what type of clouds these are but this pic shows the magic of the sun setting on a stormy sky.

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16. Salty.

Reddit | c3r3n1ty

This gigantic salt crystal was found in an ordinary package of sea salt. So, do you, like, crumble it on your fries or what?

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17. Well, there it is.

Reddit | toastforscience

There's supposed to be a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow, so I'd start by looking in the ditch just behind the green highway sign.

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18. Fake spring.

Reddit | idjfjfjxuhdbo

This pic was taken in Ohio not in the depths of winter, but in late April. Mother Nature is a cruel prankster.

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19. Hidden penguins.

Reddit | Sad-Turnip-3308

I couldn't tell you what type of caterpillar this is. All I can tell you is that it has little penguins on its back.

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20. Nice mitts.

Reddit | i_have_a_tromboner

This polydactyl cat has extra toes. What this means, in practice, is that it looks like it's always wearing big mittens.

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