Dog Crashes High School Track Meet And Comes First Place: 'Best Anchor Leg Ever'

Track meets are usually exciting events for the athletes and their loved ones to enjoy, but some audience members aren't satisfied with simply watching from the sidelines.

That was certainly for the case for one dog who not only decided to join the track meet but also came in first place.

This speedy pupper has since been declared to be the best anchor leg ever.

It was a typical race until an unexpected competitor arrived.

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According to The Sacramento Bee, during the Grizzly Invitational in Utah, Logan High School was leading the 4x200 meter relay when something surprising happened.

Their anchor runner, which is the person who takes the final position in a relay race, got a an unexpected and furry challenger.

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A dog named Holly joined the race.

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As it turns out, junior runner Kate Heywood was getting ready for her own race that would take place later in the day when her dog Holly got loose and bolted for the track.

Although Heywood's parents were watching Holly, they couldn't do anything stop her love for racing.

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Holly is a speed master.

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The pup passed fourth, third, and second place runners, and completed the final 100 meters of the track in only about 10.5 seconds — that's one second behind Usain Bolt’s 2009 world record.

Holly has gone down in Grizzly Invitational history and thanks to the viral video of her impressive sprint branding her the "best anchor leg ever," she's also become a social media star.

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Even the team's anchor runner, Gracie Laney, had to admit defeat to Holly.

Laney was almost tripped as the speedster Holly flew past her to secure first place for herself. Although she was surprised, Laney had to admit it was quite exciting. She also couldn’t believe she lost to a dog.

Let us know what you think of this exhilarating story in the comments and if you think Holly should enter more races.

h/t: The Sacramento Bee

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