17+ Times People Needed A Reminder That Mother Nature Is Superior

Paddy Clarke

We are all dependent upon the whims of Mother Nature, and it can be very important to be reminded of that fact from time to time.

So, from people who did their upmost in the name of plant safety to individuals who thought it was okay to pet a rattlesnake, please enjoy these 17 times people needed a reminder that mother nature is superior!

1. A Moose On The Loose!

Reddit | annag1991

I like how calm and polite the sign is by saying "consider turning around," when in reality the experience would be absolutely terrifying!

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2. "It's scary to know 700lbs could be so quick."

Reddit | PurpleCoveredSnow

A part of me thinks that I would see this and think, "Well, now I feel like I am just being challenged!"

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3. "Warning in a Delhi Hotel."

Reddit | malbecois

The idea of having a monkey in your room might seem quite funny until you see how much carnage they can cause!

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4. Those Aren't Fake Ducks...

Reddit | Angelpanik

In order to explain how this individual ended up with so many ducks in their yard, the person who posted this wrote, "My brother has a neighbor who feeds the ducks EVERY DAY! Now ducks pretty much run this whole street. This is his [neighbor's] yard pretty much 24/7. Most times you'll see around 60 ducks in his yard and in the street, not caring if you want to drive anywhere. They've taken over."

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5. "No bees, no oranges..."

Reddit | flamingred91

Never underestimate the importance of bees! Why hate bees when there are wasps out there who are designed to be hated?!

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6. "Gotta catch em all!"

Reddit | Morasar

"Dave, get out of there, that bison is charging at you."

"That bison is no match for my Charizard, Charizard use..."

"Ouch, that looked like it hurt."

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7. "We never really left the Middle Ages."

Reddit | ethandjay

Yeah, I think that I would make this sign a little bigger and not just have it lying on the ground. People need to see this!

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8. "Our neighborhood owl is getting real comfortable with us."

Reddit | Carley536

Although, one ornithologist claimed, "My time as an ornithologist leads me to believe that owl has a score to settle with one of your pets and/or family members. Luckily for you owls have a short term memory but long term muscle memory. Soon it will forget why [it's] there but it will keep coming back." Which is terrifying.

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9. "A bird crapped in the open mouth piece of my coffee."

Reddit | JackedRussellTerror

You know when a day starts like this that things are going to only get much worse from here.

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10. "Warning sign at our local gardening store."

Reddit | Naptownfellow

What a delightfully quaint threat! Sure, they'll kill you, but they'll be doing some good for the environment at the same time!

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11. "How you know you're not welcome before stepping into the house."

Reddit | gigoaffro

I wish that I could live in a house that flipped off every passer-by through a cactus, what an ingenious way of letting everyone know that you don't want to be disturbed!

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12. "If you are attacked, fight back."

Reddit | emmstoked

So, am I mean to back away slowly while screaming and swinging my fists at the mountain lion? That doesn't sound like a good plan!

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13. "Neighbor's tortoise escaped and walked almost a street away. At around 250 pounds, this was their solution to get her home!"

Reddit | sweetsugr25

You can tell by the face on that tortoise that she will be doing this again as soon as she gets the chance!

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14. "At a nearby wolf sanctuary."

Reddit | Gymnos84

I mean, a camera will only capture your image, but wolves will absolutely tear you to pieces!

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"Hey, come over here and let me get a better look at you!"

"Holy Christ did that demon horse just talk?"

"Of course I did, I'm a freakin' demon!"

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16. "Turned my back for a minute and she peed in 20 cups of uncooked rice..."

Reddit | TheLoxFox

At least they noticed that she was doing it. The alternative would have been much worse!

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17. "Umm..."

Reddit | Tablealt

When I look at this, I can just imagine this tree sounding like Cookie Monster in slow motion.

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18. "Which one of you got this memo posted?"

Reddit | BallOfAwesome

"Do you really need to put this sign up Dave?"

"Yes, someone did try to pet a rattlesnake once, what an idiot."

"It was you, wasn't it Dave?"


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19. "A disease which has no cure."

Reddit | ohyouarefunny

Some people like to use security systems to protect their property, others like to use apocalyptic diseases!

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20. Protect The Trees!

Reddit | homestead1111

The individual who posted this explained, "This [guy] is laying down in the car hatch and holding these two plants as his wife who is driving keeps yelling 'what' as he keeps yelling something about 'pull over for a second.'"

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