Quotes About Husbands To Laugh At While He's Sitting Right Beside You

To say the least, husbands are pretty interesting. Many can build a billion piece cabinet but can't seem to ever locate their car keys, even if they're sitting safely right in front of them.

We've compiled some quotes that remind of us the funny things that so many husbands just can't help but to do. It'll be hard not to smirk at these, even if hubby is sitting right next to you.

1. This is for those who know the truth about just how adult their husbands actually are.

To the outside world, the relationship is two fully responsible grown adults . However, when it's you and your husband at home, the tides have turned and suddenly you're in charge of basically everything.

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2. Here's one for the husbands with very select windows for getting things done.

While it's true that husbands do indeed get work done around the house once in a blue moon, it's not always on what most would call an ordinary schedule.

When the internet is down or the game is over, the reclusive husband finally emerges from hiding to help.

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3. This one is for those who are in complete sync with their husband's forgetfulness.

Everyone is forgetful sometimes, and that's okay. However, there are some husbands who are exceptionally forgetful, yet always remember to ask their spouse to come to the rescue.

They've memorized this process as a daily ritual.

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4. Finally, we've got one quote that poses a hilarious yet very important question.

While the lucky wives sometimes ask themselves this question, others humorously wonder pretty much every day when it's the time in a husband's life to develop the very important skill of putting things away after they've taken them out.

Let us know what you think of these quotes in the comments and if any or all of them resonate with you in the comments.

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