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People Raised In Conservative Homes Are Sharing Their Glow-Ups On TikTok

Sometimes the place where we grow up doesn't allow for us become the people we're meant to be. There are many who wait for the opportunity to make their own decisions and live the life that makes them most happy, a moment which often only comes once they've left home.

That's certainly true for these people who are sharing their glow-ups on TikTok after leaving the conservative homes they were raised in. It's amazing who people can become when nothing is holding them back anymore.

This TikTok glow-up trend was started by user @cherryemojigirl.

Out of all of the exciting transformations, @cherryemojigirl's was the first.

She begins her video with a sequence of old photos as she explains the pressure that people experience in conservative communities to all look the same.

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In conservative communities, there's often a strong notion of right and wrong.

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Usually motivated by religion and tradition, conservative communities often reject change, especially if it's in direct opposition to their strongly held beliefs. So before long, everything is homogenous and everyone acts the same, dresses the same, and some may even think the same.

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However, people strive to become their own people.

There are people who stay in their small towns and never explore who they really are, while others leave in search of self-discovery.

It's not an easy decision or transformation, so @cherryemojigirl wanted to invite others on the video sharing platform to celebrate it with her.

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She inspired many others to post their glow-up TikTok vidoes.

Other glow-up TikTok videos began to emerge almost instantly. It would seem that so many others on the app have similar stories to tell, and they're so empowering.

This one from @myakatee has us loving the look of liberation.

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Mason also joined in on the trend to show off their transformation.

It's clear that @cherryemojigirl's words about finding self love and finally living your most authentic life struck a chord with Mason, who captioned their TikTok video, "I’ve never felt so seen by an audio before."

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The genuine happiness you can see on people's faces when they partake in this trend is just simply heartwarming.

There is definitely nothing more fulfilling than being able to live as your real self, especially after spending how many years sheltering that part of you from everyone else.

This awe-inspiring trend has people giving us a peek into their conservative upbringing, and the freedom they've experienced now that they've left all that behind them.

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Jay knew it was time for some queer pride.

As Buzzfeed News reported, Jay Burleigh started her life in Louisiana and knew by the age of 12 that she was queer.

However, it wasn't until much later that this teacher and writer could break away from her conservative Catholic background and fully embrace herself.

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She shared her transformation with the world.

Burleigh has over 185k followers and over a million likes on TikTok, showing that her true self is someone that people admire.

She uses her platform to flaunt her awesome style while also educating people on important historical events, LGBTQ+ culture and history, and introducing her brilliant girlfriend.

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Her self-love has helped her to find romantic love.

Burleigh and her girlfriend, Jasmine Le, are proud of their relationship and share how far they've come in a society that often discriminates against queer people.

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They show themselves and others that nothing is impossible.

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One of the most powerful things about leaving behind a community that doesn't embrace you is going off and finding one that does.

These TikTok influencers remind us that family goes beyond blood and can be found in places many of us were too often told not to look.

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Now, it's probably a good time to start binge-watching these glow-ups on TikTok.

@cherryemojigirl's words are echoed in each video as people show that her feelings and experiences, although not identical to their own, resonate with their personal truths. This speaks to people like Mason Denver who posted his TikTok video and captioned it with, "I’ve never felt so seen by an audio before."

Let us know what you think of these empowering videos in the comments and if you plan on posting your own glow-up TikTok journey too.

h/t: Buzzfeed News

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