16+ People Who Have Zero Clue What They’re Doing

Paddy Clarke

Life can be incredibly complicated from time to time — although, there are some people who go out of their way to make life even more complicated than it needs to be.

So, from people who got their cars entangled in electronic spider-webs to individuals who can't tell a ford from a shopping trolley, here are 16+ people who have zero clue what they're doing!

"How does this happen?!"

Reddit | jonbradford

I have absolutely no idea how this could occur. However, I do love the guy on the right just pointing at it as though he's saying, "Yep, if you look here, you can see that it's buggered."

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Moving A Canoe In The Most Dangerous Way Possible...

Reddit | DaveSlaz

So I guess the choice is either scratch every car passing you on the right or take the legs out from under every pedestrian on the sidewalk.

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"They couldn't do it."

Reddit | NinjaCatPurr

"You know what's funny about this Dave is that..."

"Nothing is funny about this Steve."

"No, Dave, you don't get it, it says..."

"I know what it says Steve!"

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"I did it, boss, I painted the stairs!"

Reddit | Lukaie

I feel like if two people are going up and down these stairs at the same time then a North-Going Zax and South-Going Zax situation may occur...if anyone gets that reference.

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While I love what they're trying here, I would be floored if the bin-men took it now. They don't respond too well to passive aggressive messages in my experience.

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They're Not Even Trying Now!

Reddit | Secret674

And yet, I know that I would still go in for a bucket of chicken...what is wrong with me?

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"The intersection is supposedly safe now."

Reddit | silentwail

I'll just go left. Actually no, I won't. Maybe I should just stop? Or perhaps I can go left...or not?

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"The 'two' on this clock..."

Reddit | kekangyal

Never mind the fact that the "two" is infuriating, the whole damn clock would drive me insane!

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"Almost half as good..."

Reddit | meco64

Actually, as stupid as this might be, that is some incredible drywalling that has been done right here!

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"Sunlight through the window melted my keyboard."

Reddit | thecheesycheeselover

Jesus Christ, has this person just got giant magnifying glasses for their windows? I didn't realize that they made prescription house windows.

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"I guess it doesn't count."

Reddit | klossunumrx

I feel like this test might be designed to teach students that the world is a cruel and unfair place with plenty of spelling mistakes. Your welcome.

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Wait... What?

Reddit | just-joe241

Ah, I get it, they just do Saturday twice each week and make it an eight day week. I've tried doing that before, it's great for a while but it annoys everyone around you.

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"I put up the logo boss."

Reddit | No-Statement5791

Now they have somehow managed to make it look more like this is a space to park your unicycle.

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"The crucial 4th ice cream bowl was lost at some point, forever altering the vibe."

Reddit | theportraitssecret

I quite like this new vibe. Although, all of the smiling, waving children talking about screaming does kind of make me feel like by eating from these bowls I would be angering a demonic spirit or the like.

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"A friend broke his hip while skiing. My sympathetic wife made him this."

Reddit | keithwithkids

I have only been skiing once and ended up in the hospital. I'm not naturally gifted with the concept of "balance" I have found.

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"Found at the airbnb I'm renting."

Reddit | julieeeeeeeeeeeee

Someone with a similar situation on their hands added, "We had been in this house 17 years and had a switch I didn't know what it was for. Finally took being in quarantine last year to open it up, it wasn't even hooked up to anything, wires had been tied together inside the box. I put a blank cover on it, all good now."

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"People who park their cars on shopping cart return area."

Reddit | AnonymousWaterBucket

Actually, I think that this person has every idea of what they're doing, they're just an asshat.

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"Roommate broke the toilet seat. No worries though. He replaced it."

Reddit | MrBreasts

Well now I just feel like this toilet is gawping at me with a slack-jawed grin. Very unsettling!

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"I'm out for my morning walk with my little dog & this was sitting on the side of the road in front of my neighbor's house."

Reddit | seanfromda916

"Hey, so I saw the advert and I just wondered..."

"Yep you can take the dresser, and please put some pants on while you're leaving as well."

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