15+ Pics That Need A Second Glance

We grow up under the belief system that if we can see it, we can believe it to be true, but there are moments where even our own eyesight leaves us doing double-takes.

In this list, you'll find a collection of photos that needed a second glance to fully understand. Maybe even a third.

1. "Calf in the checkout line."

Reddit | rasta4eye

The way he looks kind of shy, half hiding behind the guy who brought him there, but still so polite. It's all too cute.

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2. "This photo from inside my dorm’s lounge makes it look like the lights are floating cubes in the sky."

Reddit | SamtheMan898

Cubic UFOs? Wow, so sleek and modern! Even the lasers they're now aiming at us complement the design!

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3. "I got a new shirt and it matches my Kleenex box."

Reddit | Chelseus

The only course of action here is to turn that box into a bag when it's empty. The perfect accessory!

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4. "Today my shaving cream came out looking like a cartoon character."

Reddit | SassyCharizard

I'm definitely getting 'main character's mom' vibes from this silhouette. She's fun, tries a little too hard to be cool, but in the end, helps her kid learn the real lesson of the story.

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5. "This restaurant bathroom disguises its extra TP rolls as part of a tic-tac-toe board."

Reddit | flamants

Not sure how effective this is as a disguise seeing as tic-tac-toe boards aren't often seen in bathrooms, but it's still cute!

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6. "This little pendulum of wax on my whisky bottle that survived all the way from Kentucky to London, U.K."

Reddit | CheesusHChrust

All that trouble just to be plucked off by whoever ends up buying it. At least he got to see the world like he dreamed.

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7. "My mom's jacket is of almost identical design to the furniture in the 'nice' living room."

Reddit | galvinizingthunder

This is just one piece of it. With the rest of the matching outfit, she can blend into that couch with no problem. Watch what you say in there.

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8. "My leftover soap looks like a tiny fried egg with pepper."

Reddit | Bear16

Seeing as that's exactly what I thought it was when I first saw this picture...yeah, yeah it really does.

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9. "Cloud that looks like a guy about to eat a sandwich."


Taking photos of people eating without their consent is kind of rude. Let the cloud enjoy his lunch, gosh!

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10. "Yugioh Trading Pan."

Reddit | Faith_SC

I serve you blue eyes, white pancake. White, sweet, fluffy pancake.

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11. "These limes look like they're floating."

Reddit | ImLazyWithUsernames

Is it the limes floating on their own, or is someone making them float? Could this be a bar for wizards?

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12. "The designs on this dude's back remind me of Penguins."

Reddit | Sad-Turnip-3308

If he looks like a large group of penguins, predators won't want to eat him. They only feel hungry enough for one penguin!

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13. "My neighbor preferred to paint the tree and use it as part of the fence instead of cutting it down."

Reddit | Cryptolution

This actually did fool me for a second, but it made me feel very silly about being fooled. But hey, it works!

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14. "My parents' new carpet perfectly matches their dog."

Reddit | Ray_Alto

Someone in the comments made the excellent point that all the shed hair would blend right into the carpet. This is high-level problem-solving here.

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15. "This car carrying a miniature replica of itself."

Reddit | RoboticElfJedi

It's nice to see a father and son going out for a day together. I'm not sure if that's the safest way to transport your child, but he seems pretty strapped in.

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16. "This sign Fell."

Reddit | ImprobableValue

Situations like this are the purest form of comedy, a goofy little visual gag that makes everyone chuckle.

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17. "Floor at my clinic has this interesting [pattern] that looks like doctors signatures."

Reddit | skinny_pete12

It's for practicing how to read the prescription your doctor gives you since they all come out looking like this too.

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18. "The tiles around our apartment complex is made up like the enemies in Space Invaders."

Reddit | HandsomeCO2

Do you think it was a special request, or did the brick-laying guys decide to have a little fun that day?

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19. "Ginger that stuck around ended up looking like a chameleon."

Reddit | Sql_charmer

And he's trying to get to the soy sauce, help him out already!

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20. "The way this snake wrapped itself around my friend’s hair."

Reddit | thedankvader69

With how tucked away she is, you could probably get away with running errands with her there and everyone would think she's just a large scrunchie. Please don't, but you could.

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