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PinkGlow Pineapples Prove Everything — Even Fruit — Is Better In Pink

Brittany Rae

Everything is better in pink.

From plants to home decor, pink is the color I would prefer to see everything in.

That also extends to fruit! I'd like to thank pineapples for doing me a solid and revealing a new color to their shade range: pink!

Well, this sure is a pink pineapple!

My brain is 100% trying to register that fruit as a grapefruit, not gonna lie.

The pink pineapple (aka the PinkGlow™ Pineapple) is the invention of pineapple experts Del Monte!

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Here's what it tastes like:

"Pinkglow™ Pineapples are sweeter, less acidic, incredibly juicy, and have a cotton candy finish making them the perfect pairing that will elevate your next Insta-worthy culinary masterpiece."

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It's a great embellishment for cocktails!

How great would this be with a pineapple cocktail? The sweetness would pair beautifully with a more citrus-based drink. I'm craving a blended cocktail now, oops.

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You can actually order it online!

Tropical Fruit Box has the pineapples available to order, but they don't come cheap. Due to their rare nature, a pink pineapple will set you back $49. It's worth it for that pink, though.

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