17+ Times People Tried To Con Us

Paddy Clarke

There are tonnes of people out there who will try and pull the wool over your eyes throughout your life, from people who are truly abysmal at photoshopping their own ass to individuals who want to make sure you don't get the best bang for your buck!

So, in the spirit of staying vigilant against such people, please enjoy these 17+ times people tried to con us.

1. "My partner told me she got me some designer socks..."

Reddit | criddy33

Technically they have been "designed" by someone, that someone just isn't the person that you think it might be.

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2. "My knock off Sesame Street skirt I bought at a market in Singapore."

Reddit | Sunflowerseeds__

The joke is on the person who sold this skirt, as it is one of the finest items of clothing I have ever seen and deserves a price tag to match!

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3. "Surprise!"

Reddit | manaluuu

At least this knock-off is pretty funny with its obvious fake-ness. Better than just having a bag that says "Suprame."

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4. "Sitting right behind the exit row. Guy takes a pic with his feet stretched out and captions it, 'Do I look like I fly economy?' Sent from economy..."

Reddit | Jah-Eazy

Ah, the wonderful reality of Instagram where anything is possible...even being a big ol' liar!

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5. "Welcome To FaceCook!"

Reddit | No-Branch-2651

I mean, you really cannot knock them on their pun game, those are some truly solid puns that they've built an entire business around!

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6. "I think my insurance application is broken."

Reddit | DunningFreddieKruger

Just click "Yes" and then claim that you are now selling the elixir of life, and before you know it you've got a booming new business!

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7. "When your shadow don't follow the photoshop."

Reddit | empenarede

Something tells me that those abs aren't real either. It's something in the terrible photoshop work that gives it away!

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8. "A suspicious looking squirrel and a trap on the walking trail? I've watched too many cartoons!"

Reddit | Expensive-Flamingo92

I've been trying to zoom in and see if you can see the word "Acme" written on any of those sticks, but it looks pretty safe!

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9. "Saw a nonstick pan on clearance for 41% off, so I was like, 'hell yeah!' and ordered it. And just take a look at this little piece of crap that just arrived at my house!"

Reddit | Snotfacepanda

This will be perfect for making very round fried eggs though... So long as you like making your fried eggs one at a time.

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10. "Ain't nobody stealing these beef sticks!"

Reddit | moneybagsukulele

I think that this is just an attempt to make people feel like "beef sticks" are actually in high demand to try and trick people into buying them!

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11. "Most misleading packaging EVER."

Reddit | sexpressed

You won't be so confused by this when you bite into one of those apples and find that they're fish-flavored apples!

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12. "I replaced a portrait in our living room with the McFly family over a month ago and no one has noticed."

Reddit | DrBrown1955

One big Back To The Future Fan suggested, "So, every couple of days, replace it with a photo of them slowly fading out over the course of a couple weeks."

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13. "I wanna hear this theme song..."

Reddit | xWittyUserNamex

Great, now I am going to have a knock-off version of the Ghostbusters' theme tune in my head all day.

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14. "I just changed the toilet on our home and left a little message to future home owners."

Reddit | venycriticame

"Well, I think we need to buy a new toilet."

"Is this because of that stupid message you found from a decade ago?"

"I will not be disrespected while sat on my own toilet!"

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15. Very Helpful!

Reddit | 87tskin

It would be even better if there wasn't an entrance around the corner and this was just how people find out that this place is closed.

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16. "Left a note for my boyfriend before I went to work this morning. Came home to this."

Reddit | RachAgainstLeMachine

This poor toaster just wants to try and rebel a little, we all go through moments like this in our life and toasters are no exception!

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17. "When you need a whopping haircut."

Reddit | Gitmurr

I thought that this might be the place to take your burger if it needed a trim, maybe take a bit of the mold off the top perhaps?

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18. "The reflection says her hips do lie."

Reddit | Hamburglar_burglar

Even if you didn't have the reflection there to give this away, I think that it's pretty damn obvious that this is fake. I mean, where would her organs go?

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19. "I've been duped!"

Reddit | zpike00eb

This baffled person explained, "So I bought this Single USB charger a few years back from InCase. I wanted the dual charger but couldn't justify the difference in pricing. Dropped it this morning and found this. They both work simultaneously."

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20. "So hot, the car melted!"

Reddit | exoticed

You never know though, that might just be a design feature that you can have installed on this car?

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