17+ Moments That Make Us Go ‘Did You Mean To Say That?’

Paddy Clarke

When we leave a message for someone else or put up a sign, it is important that they are clear and concise above all. However, a lot of people didn't get this memo and do their own thing, with often hilarious results.

So, from people who inadvertently got orders of cannibalistic mac & cheese to individuals who poorly marked doors that were a gateway to the void, here are 17+ moments that make us go, "Did you mean to say that?"

1. "This washing machine is done apologizing!"

Reddit | Zuke020

People think that perfecting artificial intelligence is going to be great, but all it's going to consist of is more sassy machines like this one!

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2. "Onyeung rings are my favourite."

Reddit | noodlemandan

I've heard that "Mark & Cheese" is one of Hannibal Lecter's favorite pasta dishes.

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3. It Is All In Your Mind!

Reddit | EriczJeandrevin

I wonder what happens if you go through it then? Do you get sucked into the void? Just crushing blackness and nothingness for all eternity. They should probably put a bigger warning about that if so.

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4. "I doubt it would be very efficient."

Reddit | Mythologest

"Hey, Jimmy can you come here for a second?"

"That depends, are you going to stick me to the end of a mop and use me to clean the floors again?"


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5. "I love my family..."

Reddit | cucuzza

I am sure that this lovely message took pride of place on the front of the fridge! After a little editing perhaps...

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6. "So it would seem..."

Reddit | UchihaDivergent

Some say that this pool of sweet and sour has existed since the dawn of time, perpetually providing humanity with sauce-based nourishment.

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7. For Forgs' Sake!

Reddit | mloggains

I kind of like this design, except for the fact that the "icing" looks more like cream cheese.

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8. I Think I'll Pass...

Reddit | jk1445

I don't even want to know how they are harvesting that particular "sauce" either! What a terrible job that would be.

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9. "Now THAT'S a million dollar business."

Reddit | TempusFugitive_

I wonder how many weirdos they get though who are expecting much more than a car wash?

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10. "This Sign in Homer, Alaska."

Reddit | mickeybuilds

I mean, who really goes fishing without getting at least slightly drunk while doing so? It's somewhat tedious otherwise!

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11. Sounds... Questionable!

Reddit | devdavda

I don't care what it really is, that name has absolutely ruined whatever is in that bowl for me.

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12. "Sign at a building under construction."

Reddit | Peterd3d

To build a business around a pun that is this risky you need to be incredibly good at your job to justify it!

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13. "So no milkshakes?"

Reddit | Newokie1959

They're so close with so many of the words in this sentence, and yet they are so far away from it making any actual sense.

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14. "My favorite kind of tea!"

Reddit | lw2295

I think that they need to keep a watchful eye on anyone who comes into this shop and shows a particular interest in this flavor!

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15. "I think my insurance application is broken?"

Reddit | DunningFreddieKruger

I wonder what happens if you press "Yes"? Do the company just put you onto some sort of zombie exclusive insurance policy?

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16. "Sign placement is important."

Reddit | RedRing14

Ironically, the Specsavers employee who put this up should have taken their own advice and gone to Specsavers!

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17. "I'm out for my morning walk with my dog & this was sitting on the side of the road in front of my neighbor's house."

Reddit | seanfromda916

As far as propositions go, this one is pretty bloody on the nose. Although, at least you get some free furniture out of it.

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18. Sounds Delicious!

Reddit | devdavda

In my head, "hand soup" would simply be drinking actual soup out of your hands, but this is clearly something entirely different...and maybe more unsettling?

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19. "Be are the makes you appreciate!"

Reddit | anishchandra24

"I always what appreciate what I what. Nothing like looking back at the whats of your what and being proud of what! So take that, dad!"

"Dave, are you alright?"

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20. "Found in Orlando today. Stay in scohol kids!"

Reddit | Broadladesh

"Look, all of the letters are there, what more do you want?"

"Well, ideally they'd be in the right order!"

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