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10+ People Who Transformed The Boring Parts Of Their Home Into Something Stunning

Sarah Kester

Research has found that we spend about 70 percent of our time at home.

Whether that's scrolling through TikTok on our bed, binging The Circle on the couch, or lounging in the backyard, that's a lot of time indoors.

In order to make the most of your casa, get some renovation inspiration from these 10+ stunning home transformations.

You won't BELIEVE these results!

1. This small garden transformation

Reddit | sexualsquid

Small garden? No prob. This person made their small space look warm and inviting using rustic decor and soft lighting.

It almost looks as if you're whisked away to a gorgeous cobblestone street in Italy.

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2. This old house that got a modern makeover.

Buzzfeed | @ betha4d7ef25eb

All those years of watching Fixer Uppers paid off for these folks!

They took a kitchen that was extremely outdated and made it look expensive with modern touches, like those lamps.

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3. This bedroom makeover.

Reddit | eldiegorom

Want to give your bedroom a spruce? Try wood paneling as this Reddit user did. They recommend using a nail gun to make the process easier.

By adding identical lamps on either side, it also makes the room look more symmetrical.

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4. This mosaic wall

Buzzfeed | @iamcoreyb2

Got a boring old wall that you want to do something with? Liven it up as this person did for their oldest daughter.

The bright colors and mosaic design give the room a funky yet girly feel.

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5. These countertops that got a fake granite makeover.

Buzzfeed | @laurenb4386df68c

As timeless as granite is, it's really expensive.

Instead of blowing their budget, this person decided to paint fake granite out of the green laminate. Honestly, it's hard to tell that it's fake.

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6. This cozy bedroom

Reddit | meatsthenewbread

Those cats have the right idea. We want to curl up on that bed, too!

With beautiful tapestries on the wall and hanging over the bed, plants, and artwork, this bedroom makes you feel like you're transported somewhere exotic.

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7. This forest bedroom that just needs wildlife music.

Reddit | @lilhaloshaka

This bedroom renovation proves that you don't have to do much to completely overhaul a room.

All it took was the forest wall to completely cozy up the atmosphere (and remind you of Twilight).

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8. This custom wall unit that somehow made the room look bigger, not smaller.

Buzzfeed | @stephanieu4bae54329

While you would think a huge unit would suffocate the room, it had the opposite effect.

The white color scheme also makes the room that much more open and modern.

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9. This bathroom renovation.

Reddit | kittenprincess4

Woah! Such a big difference.

By getting away with the outdated dark wood and going with a blue color scheme, they cut the age of this bathroom in half. The open shower concept also helps a ton.

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10. This walk-in closet that became a nursery.

Buzzfeed | @saraf46cbcaf4c

This is such an efficient use of space! The decor is adorable and they can hang the baby clothes right there. Since most closets are located inside of a bedroom, this means that their baby is always close by!

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11. This living room that was painted to make the ceiling look taller.

Buzzfeed | @kylees418af755c

How about that optical illusion? Forget long curtains (that decor trend is more hassle than it's worth), this is the perfect trick to making your room look taller and more spacious.

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12. This backyard makeover.

Reddit | BurritoSchits

For this backyard spruce, this Reddit user rid of the dog kennel and cactus tree in order to make the backyard look bigger and add in a firepit. It looks so much more open and inviting now.

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13. This bedroom makeover that's fit for a princess.

Reddit | JustRhiannon

"The goal was definitely to have something she could grow up into," this Redditor wrote. Mission accomplished!

The bright colors, unicorn decoration over the bed, and the cozy carpet spell any girl's dream bedroom.

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14. This wardrobe to Narnia.

Reddit | YourVintageSoul

This next stunning transformation got its inspiration from the film, The Chronicles of Narnia.

While opening the wardrobe doesn't lead to a magical world, it does create a creative entrance to the stairway.

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