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10+ Celebrities Who Are Known To Lose Their Temper

Jordan Claes

Being a celebrity has its perks, but it comes with a cost. What with the hectic schedules, insatiable demands from fans — it's enough to drive even the sanest person batty.

Everyone has a tipping point, it just so happens that these celebs get there quicker than most. See what I mean and check out these 10+ celebrities who are known to lose their temper.

Few actors in Hollywood have a more infamous reputation than Russell Crowe.

Back in 2005, the Oscar-winning actor was charged with felony assault after he threw a telephone at an employee of the NYC Mercer Hotel. Russell was allegedly upset because the phone had poor reception.

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Over the course of her legendary career, Nicki Minaj has had beef with Remy Ma, Taylor Swift, Cardi B, Mariah Carey, Miley Cyrus, Farrah Abraham, Lil' Kim, Demi Lovato, and Iggy Azalea.

Is there anyone in Hollywood Nicki hasn't had a problem with at this point?

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3. Shia LaBeouf

Giphy | The Late Late Show with James Corden

Shia LaBeouf has been arrested and in and out of rehab for substance abuse going on 10 years.

A source close to Shia once told Variety that the actor is both "off-putting" as well as difficult to work with.

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Cardi has a Jekyll and Hyde quality that tends to rear its head at the worst moments.

During a reunion episode for Love & Hip Hop: New York, Cardi became infuriated with Asia Davies and wound up throwing a shoe at her.

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5. Naomi Campbell

Instagram | @naomi

Back in 2008, Naomi allegedly assaulted a police officer on board an airplane and was escorted off the aircraft in handcuffs. She was subsequently banned from flying on British Airways.

The band has since been lifted, much to the dismay of BA staff.

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Val Kilmer was a force to be reckoned with in the '90s — both on and off-screen. His former director, John Frankenheimer, once told Entertainment Weekly that,

"I don't like Val Kilmer, I don't like his work ethic, and I don't want to be associated with him ever again."

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Courtney Love is best known as the lead singer of Hole, as well as the widow of Nirvana lead singer, Kurt Cobain.

She's been in and out of the tabloids for most of her career, and once threw a shoe at Madonna during an interview for MTV.

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8. Kiefer Sutherland

Kiefer has a long and sordid history with alcohol; it tends to bring out the worst in him.

Back in 2014, Kiefer became irate while out at a strip club and wound up being forcibly ejected by the staff.

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9. Mike Myers

Giphy | Hollywood Suite

For being one of the most iconic funnymen of the '90s, Mike Myers sure does have a sour reputation.

During the filming of Wayne's World, Mike allegedly became enraged and stormed off set after discovering there was no margarine for his bagel.

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10. Billie Joe Armstrong

Billie Joe Armstrong has had some incredibly punk rock moments over the course of his career — none more so than when he threw a tantrum on stage during a performance at the iHeart Radio Music Festival.

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Watch what you say around bad gal Ri Ri; she doesn't suffer fools lightly. Once during a live concert performance, a fan in the front row got a little too hands-on.

Rihanna stopped singing and smacked them in the head with her microphone.

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12. Bill Murray

Giphy | Ghostbusters

Bill Murray has a list of grievances from former co-stars that's more than a mile long.

He supposedly tortured Harold Ramis on the set of Groundhog Day and even got in a physical fight with Lucy Liu while filming Charlie's Angels.

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13. Julia Roberts

ABC via YouTube

There's a reason why you don't see much of Julia Roberts these days — most directors can't stand to work with her.

She and Steven Spielberg feuded constantly on the set on Hook, and the crew even began referring to her as 'Tinker-Hell.'

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Alec Baldwin doesn't just save his rage-infused rants for the paparazzi, he's even been known to blow up at his own daughter!

The 30 Rock legend's eldest daughter Ireland once released an incredibly damning voice message of her father's verbal abuse.

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15. Christian Bale

This incident very nearly cost Christian his career. His verbal assault on a crewperson was all caught on film and painted the actor in an incredibly poor light.

It made most fans question if Christian Bale and Patrick Bateman have more in common than we might have thought.

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