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UPS Driver Runs Across Busy Street To Free 4-Year-Old Boy Trapped Under Heavy Box

Some young children are eager to help their parents with whatever needs to be done both in and around the house. However, sometimes big jobs can't be completed by little kids and safety hazards arise.

One 4-year-old boy from Illinois wanted to help his parents bring in a package, but quickly ended up needing help himself. Thankfully there was a UPS driver nearby ready to come to his rescue.

Max had taken on the job of bringing in the packages.

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As CNN reported, 4-year-old Max Pratt had taken to bringing in the delivery packages for his parents. He enjoyed having a job and helping out his family.

However, one day he tried to bring in a package that was simply too much for him to handle.

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That big box became a big problem for young Pratt.

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Pratt's parents were expecting a hammock to be delivered to their home in Oak Park, Illinois.

After the UPS driver, Marco Angel dropped off the large package, Pratt opened the door, saw the giant package, and wasn't at all deterred from getting the job done.

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The package fell on Pratt and almost crushed him.

The doorbell footage of the incident shared to Facebook shows the youngster trying to pick up the package, but it proceeding to fall on top of him.

Only weighing about 40 pounds himself, he was unable to lift the 97-pound box off his body.

After he called out for help, Angel, who was still nearby, quickly ran across the busy street to rescue Pratt and lift the huge box off of him. Fortunately, the little boy wasn't hurt.

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That day, Angel was Pratt's guardian angel.

Facebook | Traci Pratt

Pratt's mom, Traci, had been upstairs with his sister and didn't notice what was happening until after her toddler had been rescued. Both of his parents were able to reunite with Angel on Zoom after the incident to thank him for helping their son. They've also reminded Pratt to wait for an adult before opening the door.

In a Facebook post, Traci revealed that Angel recently visited their home to check in on Pratt, and the two discovered they have a lot in common, including their love of the Chicago White Sox.

Let us know what you think of Angel's quick bravery in the comments and if you think this is a touching story.

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