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Family Displays Dog's Graduation Photo On The Wall So He Doesn't Feel Left Out

While most people consider their dog to be part of the family, they usually still think of their furry friends as pets as opposed to people.

However, one family proved they definitely view their dog as another one of their kids when all of his siblings got their graduation pictures taken and they decided they didn't want their pupper to feel left out.

Ollie is the favorite.

As The Dodo reported, the entire family was overjoyed when they brought home their dog, a chocolate lab they named Ollie.

They adore him so much that everyone they know laughs at the fact that they never stop talking about him, take him on all family vacations, and is part of everything the family does.

So, when Alex, who's basically Ollie's human sister, graduated from college and took pictures, it was Ollie's turn next.

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Ollie graduated for being a professional good boy.

Ollie was supremely proud to take his graduation photos during one spectacular photoshoot. He happily held his honorary diploma in his mouth while sporting his graduation cap.

Although her family enjoyed the photo, after a bit of time, Alex actually forgot about it.

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Her family decided to make sure no one ever forgot about Ollie's grad pictures again.

When her parents printed Alex's graduation photos, they were also careful to remember to print Ollie's too. In fact, they made sure his photo was mounted on the wall next to his sisters' grad photos, which they found absolutely hilarious.

They also gave out copies to friends and family to show just how much these parents were beaming with joy.

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Of course, Ollie is no stranger to the limelight in his family.

Ollie has an entire Instagram page dedicated to his adorable photos. We'd say he's not just deserving of a bachelor's in being a good boy, he also needs a master's for being the best dog model ever.

Let us know in the comments if this adorable story got your tail wagging and if you think this is an adorable idea.

h/t: The Dodo

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