14+ Times People Figured Out That They Were Played

Paddy Clarke

Nobody likes to end up with a bum deal, no matter whether it is when paying for someone to build you a balcony or simply trying to burn some calories going up some stairs. And yet, it can seem like the world is constantly out to get you at times.

With this in mind, please enjoy these 14+ times people figured out that they were played!

1. "Wtf is going on with this balcony?"

Reddit | ShoutingBlackbird

"Well, you do have a balcony, I just wouldn't go out at night."

"Really, why?"

"It's a tad...bright."

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2. "My trap has been set..."

Reddit | kazimir22

I cannot stand people burning incense so I am all for this kind of shenanigan. Seriously, why do people feel the need to burn incense?

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3. Weird Theme For A Restaurant!

Reddit | ZappBrannigansLaw

"Dave, when you asked me to invest in your new restaurant you didn't tell me that this was the theme..."

"Well, it's too late to back out now!"

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4. "Just when you thought you were reaching 1 kcal."

Reddit | commonlinnet

Someone quite astutely pointed out that this now means, "Going down causes you to gain calories," which is just massively unfair!

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5. "Thank you so much for making this handicap ramp, I am so glad this building is wheelchair accessible."

Reddit | Hawk3y305

The thought was there...sort of. It is baffling that anyone could ever install this without seeing the problem!

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6. "Our Municipality finally made bike lanes for us!"

Reddit | sarsina

"Oh, we'll give you bike lanes! We'll give you all the bike lanes you want! But good luck using them! Muhhahahahaaaa!"

*Lightning crackles over the local council's headquarters...

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7. "Women's pockets can fit less than half of a Switch lite, whereas men's pockets can fit a whole Switch."

Reddit | definitelynottori

I don't know at what point someone decided that women don't need pockets, but it is absolute insanity!

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8. "That's dedication."

Reddit | Desenbigh

Nothing like sticking it to parking enforcement, not that I am in any way endorsing this kind of behaviour!

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9. "These arrow keys are so annoying!"

Reddit | Ross18478

What kind of absolute monster designed this keyboard? This is clearly the laptop that is used for all of Hell's administration.

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10. "Think Bog!"

Reddit | CalmProfit

How did this person not realise that the Apple logo would in no way fit with this aesthetic?

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11. "My clock that has tick marks for 72 minutes."

Reddit | Capt_Batty

Well, I have always said, "Make sure you could the seconds on your clock before you buy it!" Yep, that is something that I have definitely always said.

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12. "Door? No! Window? Also No!"

Reddit | flumpymews

Genuinely, what the hell is going on here. I couldn't live in a house with this, it'd give me a constant headache!

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13. "Utah Macy's really knows how to cater to their market."

Reddit | LeroyParker

I have just resigned to the fact of only having a fraction of the bedding now. It's just the natural order of things I guess.

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14. "Meanwhile, At The DOT Communications, Youth Outreach Division..."

Reddit | tomaszmajewski

Wait a minute, you're telling me that this wasn't actually written by a young person? Well, I am aghast!

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15. "I'm trapped!"

Reddit | Efinkg4

Some say that this poor person is still there to this very day, unable to move from the intersection.

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16. "Not sure if this is a trap or a really good samaritan."

Reddit | Florida_Lunchbox

I mean, even if it is a good samaritan, they're still a bit of a bloody weird samaritan!

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17. "I've been duped."

Reddit | zpike00eb

And they both worked, as this person explained, "I bought this Single USB charger a few years back from InCase. I wanted the dual charger but couldn't justify the difference in pricing. Dropped it this morning and found this. They both work simultaneously!"

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But if you don't grow up then you won't be able to enjoy being an adult and... Nope, I can't think of a single enjoyable thing about adulting.

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19. "Steve Jobs was out there trapping people with shady contracts since day one."

Reddit | creaturefromthebog

And it must have taken someone absolutely ages to chisel all of those terms and conditions into stone as well!

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20. Comic Sans, Really?

Reddit | Warm-Branch

The person who posted this wrote, "The cop cars in orange country [Florida] all say making a difference in comic sans with useless quotation marks. Makes it seem like they aren't making a difference."

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