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Fans Are Not Impressed After Seeing Nicole Kidman As Lucille Ball For New Movie

Rae Batchelor

There's got to be SO much pressure on any actor when they take the role of a beloved real-life figure. Do they look enough like them? Do they act enough like them? Will they honor their legacy? Will their fans be happy? I don't envy anyone who has to take on that pressure, especially not for someone as iconic as Lucille Ball!

Lucille Ball was an absolute treasure and an icon.


She radiated warmth, charisma, and fun, and was pretty much THE master of physical comedy. Every time I watch the I Love Lucy episode where she works at the chocolate factory, I laugh JUST as hard as I did the first time I saw it!

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When I learned they were making a film about Lucille, I was over the MOON!


According to Deadline, the film Being the Ricardos will follow a week on the set of I Love Lucy, "starting with a Monday table read-through and an audience shoot on Friday. Ball and Arnaz will face challenges that could end their careers and their marriage."

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When it was announced that Nicole Kidman would be playing the role of Lucille herself, it was a controversial decision.

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Many fans were a bit concerned that Nicole didn't particularly look the part of Lucille Ball. Fans were also concerned that she might not be able to capture the spirit.

Now that pictures from the set have been released and fans have gotten their first look at Nicole in the roll, it doesn't look like their opinions have been changed.

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Many fans took issue with people saying Nicole was the "spitting image" of Lucille.

"If you’ve never seen a picture of Lucille Ball, then yes, Nicole Kidman is the spitting image," tweeted one fan.

I'll be reserving MY judgement until the movie actually comes out, but for right now, I think I agree with them!

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Some fans noted that actor Javier Bardem didn't look much like Desi Arnaz either.

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However, some fans took up defense of Nicole in response to the backlash, with one writing, "I think Nicole Kidman will nail playing Lucille Ball, and I’ve never cared about if actors superficially look like the real-life person they’re playing. The greatest and richest artistic resource on the planet is an audience’s imagination."

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Many fans stated they felt Nicole's performance will make up for any lack of similarity in their looks.

What do you think? Are you holding out hope that Nicole will bring her A Game and the movie will be what Lucille's legacy deserves, or do you still think the casting was a mistake? Let us know how you feel in the comments below!

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