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10+ Very Helpful Life Hacks From TikTok Everyone Should Be Using

Sarah Kester

If there was one good thing to come out of 2020, it was definitely the world's obsession with TikTok.

Dances and TikTok influencers aside, there are just so many useful things you can learn.

Don't have clean bowls? TikTok has a hack for that. Sick of lame leftover pizza? You better bet there's a hack that will blow your mind.

Here, check out these 10+ very helpful TikTok life hacks that everyone should be using.

1. This sticker removal hack.

TikTok | @lexie_byers

Never deal with hard-to-remove stickers again with this hack.

You can remove them easily using heat from a blowdryer from this hack or add tape to the bottom with this hack and pull.

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2. This chicken wing hack.

You're going to want to do the Chicken Dance to celebrate this one.

This TikTok hack takes the impossible — trying to get maximum chicken wing meat — and makes it possible. Simply pinch, twist, and pull to take out the bones.

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3. This microwave hack.

TikTok | @michelle.eats

When you're making your nightly midnight snacks, the last thing you want is to wake up the whole house. Let us shame eat in peace, pleeeeeasse.

This microwave hack lets you do just that. By pressing 2 for five seconds, you'll silence the annoying beeps.

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4. This Google chrome tab hack.

Where has this hack been all my life?! At any time, there are about a million tabs on my computer. It's just a fact.

Thankfully, you can group different tabs together so your desktop looks hella less chaotic.

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5. This pizza box hack.

We all love pizza up until we try and stuff that huge box into the fridge.

Thankfully, there's this hack that will totally change your life. Tiktok user @nateandgran shows how any pizza box can be cut in half.

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6. This lazy hack for avoiding dishes.

TikTok | @daveyeeet

Don't want to do the dishes, but don't have any clean bowls or plates, either? This hack has your back: simply open up a sheet of paper towel to create a pouch.

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7. This pizza reheating hack.

Now this is the kind of stuff we should have learned in school. Forget math or science, pfft.

This hack shows why you should warm up your leftover pizza with a pan instead of the microwave.

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8. This t-shirt tuck hack.

While it's not the French tuck trick from Queer Eye's Tan France, he would still approve.

Simply twist and tuck in your shirt to make it tighter and give your outfit a more polished look.

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9. This Dyson airwrap dupe hack.

TikTok | @31108246881

Who needs to shell out $500 on expensive hair tools when you have this? This user uses a plastic bottle to enclose heat from a blowdryer on the hair. Brilliant, just brilliant.

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10. This towel folding hack.

You don't have to be Monica Geller and have different towel categories for guests, but you should know how to fold them properly.

This hack is perfect for that. You'll be so obsessed, you'll want to fold ones that aren't even your own.

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11. This plastic drink pack hack.

TikTok | @kiss_myabs

This will be your same facial expression once you try this hack. Instead of awkwardly pulling on the plastic to get a drink out, you rip the quick tab (yes, there is one) and all the drinks become free.

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12. This winter skirt hack.

TikTok | @kerina.wang

While the winter weather outside might be frightful, that doesn't mean your wardrobe has to be.

Enter this hack: you put on a pair of skin tone fleece tights as your first layer and then add your black sheer tights overtop.

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13. This sliding spice rack hack.

TikTok | @mcnallyofficial

There's a reason most of us use the same three spices: WE CAN'T SEE THE OTHERS.

They're hidden way back in the cupboard. Until now — this sliding spice rack hack will change your life.

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14. This secret Nutella knife hack.

TikTok | @foodies

All these years we spent devouring Nutella and we never knew this!

Simply uncap the lid and pull out the white lid to uncover a tinfoil lid. Under here is a small plastic knife to open the Nutella!

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