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Gwyneth Paltrow Faces Backlash After People Find Out She's Hosting A Wellness Summit

Taylor Sakellis

Gwyneth Paltrow has been up to a lot lately. From her Goop Lab series on Netflix to running her own lifestyle brand website, it's obvious Gwyneth is a lady on a mission. Sometimes it's easy to forget the 48-year-old used to be an actress.

I know, right? I forgot too!

Sometimes, however, it feels like Gwyneth should have stuck to acting, instead of giving health advice, which she is coming under fire for, again.

Gwyneth Paltrow is no stranger to having her "health tips" criticized.

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The goop founder has been called out for recommending dangerous health tips for years now.

Remember when she told everyone to steam their vaginas? Crazy times!

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Now, Gwyneth is getting slammed again after Australian beauty company MECCA announced it was doing a seminar with Gwyneth.

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The event, scheduled for the end of May, is set to be a conversation about "The Beauty of Wellness" — among other things.

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Despite the positive PR attempt, fans of the brand were not impressed.

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Cardiothoracic surgeon and author Dr. Nikki Stamp took a stand and wrote on the event’s Facebook page, "Paltrow and Goop peddle enormous amounts of misinformation and make money by preying on women’s insecurities."

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"Every time we endorse this behaviour, we allow it to continue," she continued.

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"Mecca has always been a champion for women so now, when women are at risk, will you step up to the plate and cancel this terrible event? Or will you let Australian women be further exposed to her nonsense?"

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"Isn't she the nutter who sold candles with vagina scent?" joked one critic.

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"This is seriously a joke right? What expertise is Gwyneth here to offer? Pretty sure she has none..." agreed another.

"it’s INCREDIBLY irresponsible. There are no words for how dangerous and blatantly stupid it is giving GP a platform," echoed a different critic.

Gwyneth and MECCA have yet to reply to the backlash.

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