16+ Signs That Told More Truth Than We Ever Did

Paddy Clarke

People love a good sign these days, whether it be a sign with one of the worst bread-based puns you've ever seen or a sign about the most peculiar bird on the planet.

And so, with these ideas in mind, please enjoy these 16+ signs that told more truth than we ever did!

1. "Hell, Explained!"

Reddit | darrensechrist

Judging from this sign, I'll say their preacher is either incredibly good or incredibly bad at their job!

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2. "Warning in a Delhi Hotel."

Reddit | malbecois

"Oh, a monkey in the room, that would be so cute!"

"Sandra, please God don't let that monkey in the room again! I'm not going back to hospital."

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3. "Didn't get to see Chips, but I could hear him yelling at tourists."

Reddit | hconfiance

I feel a lot of sympathy with Chips. If I could spend my days just sitting in unusual places and occasionally screaming to myself then that would be the dream!

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4. "Warning: Italians at my local pizzeria."

Reddit | masterparis

Well, now all that I want is pizza. Christ, I am so easily swayed by pizza that just a slight image of one convinces me that I'm having pizza for dinner.

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5. "Straight to the point, don't become soup."

Reddit | MrBoko1234

I don't know how they could be any clearer! And, by Christ, I know that I wouldn't be messing around by that railing!

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6. "I'm trying to cut back on my sugar intake and eating more vegetables."

Reddit | badchicken425

Yep, this absolutely checks out. By this logic I have been hitting all of my five fruit and vegetables per day since I was a child!

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7. "This doctor should be good at helping his patients stay alive."

Reddit | journeyman369

Well, you can tell by the way he uses his stethoscope, he's a doctor man, no time to talk.

And yes, that was truly abysmal, you're welcome.

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8. "They are always watching."

Reddit | Domingo-Carmona

One person who is clearly a very big proponent of this ideology added, "It's funny how the people tapping their watch when you show up don't like you tapping your watch when you clock off."

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9. "My nephew has the highest of hopes..."

Reddit | jimbabwe12

I love that they've just added in the "magic" part completely out of the blue. I like the idea of any job being made more exciting by adding, "Oh, and I'll be doing magic as well."

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10. "Business at the bakery is on the rise."

Reddit | teediggs

"I love your funny sign, I can't wait to start working here!"

"Nothing funny about that sign, why would that be funny?"

"Wait, so you're telling me..."

"Yep, you're the bread now!"

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11. Keep An Eye On All The Animals!

Reddit | Ghostcat____

I have never met a cat that is trustworthy though. Isn't that kind of their whole deal?

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12. "They really nailed the kids' menu."

Reddit | buckeyespud

I think that the only other option they need is just a dish called "Eeewwww!" Which would probably just be fish fingers or something.

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13. "Guys I need to get a face asap!"

Reddit | painproof69

Well, now I am just imagining No Face from Spirited Away sat there sobbing at reading this.

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14. Adorable, Yet Also Unsettling...


Are these particularly suicidal penguins? And yes, I shall be forming a new post-punk band called Suicidal Penguins now.

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15. "I believe I can touch the sky."

Reddit | SFBrianT

I am sure that the people who opened this shop thought that this was a fairly bulletproof reference back in the day. Oh how times change.

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16. "Found this on the way home..."

Reddit | theoneno-onewanted

I initially read that last line as "Do your onion thing." And, I know for a fact that I will continue to do my onion thing as long as I live!

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17. "Mein lokale ice cream shop has jokes in two languages."

Reddit | SoDakZak

Nothing like a grammatically accurate bilingual joke to really make your sign pop. It's a niche market but they're nailing it!

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18. "Steve Jobs was out there trapping people with shady contracts since day one."

Reddit | creaturefromthebog

I mean, who doesn't read the terms and conditions in their entirety? Christ knows I love reading those thrilling documents!

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19. "'Due to a recent uptick in the toilet not being flushed...we have reluctantly installed fake cameras to catch the culprit.' — Management of plumbing and waste."

Reddit | flipitandstickit

The cameras weren't what I picked up on here; I was somewhat preoccupied with the idea of people smoking cig ends from out of a toilet.

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20. "Fair enough, need to draw the line somewhere."

Reddit | Some_Dude84

I am more amazed that they ever accepted money from undergarments! I don't think I could touch money that someone pulled out of their undercrackers. I know that money is far from clean, but that would be too on the nose!

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