18+ People Who Hid Jokes In Everyday Places

Paddy Clarke

No matter where you look in your day-to-day life, there will often be some little joke that someone has left in order to try and spice up their daily grind.

So, from cab drivers who offered the strangest of menus to cars growing out of the tops of trees, here are 18+ people who hid jokes in everyday places!

1. "Welcome to Cameron's car."

Reddit | PmP_Eaz

I mean, anyone who doesn't pick The Bubbles Ride has got something seriously wrong with them!

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2. "Wtf is going on with this balcony?"

Reddit | ShoutingBlackbird

"You paid me to build a balcony and I built the balcony, what's your problem?"

"Dave, I think you know exactly what my 'problem' is."

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3. "Simple hippie wisdom..."

Reddit | sunshinedropz

I guess if the thing you need help with is seeing goblins crawl out of your wallpaper then yeah, it might help.

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4. "Sign at my complex."

Reddit | Roboticpadre

Yoga can not only be good for your wellbeing but it can also be good for the community! Seriously...pick up after your dogs!

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5. "Missing Fish at Milsons Point."

Reddit | Extreme-Occasion

At least they are very polite about their attempts to distract you from your daily life, how thoughtful!

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6. "It's supposed to say 'heroes.'"

Reddit | Careless-Net-1262

This alternate title would really change the tone of that amazing Bowie track. That's not a song that anyone wants to hear!

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7. A Very Important Detail!

Reddit | Spinundrum

"Dave, I need to talk to you."

"Look, I think I know what this is about, and I promise that I will never mix those trucks up again."

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8. "I shall respect your wishes Mr Duck!"

Reddit | HoodieWizard

Well, that's good to know! I am also very impressed that these ducks managed to get a printer working, they're tricky appliances to deal with for most humans!

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9. Good To Know!

Reddit | waynerdy

Is one of the positions that they are recruiting for that of sign proofreader? It should be!

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10. Unintentionally Sinister!

Reddit | bojackhorstead

The local council around here are really trying to make the streets safer by any means necessary!

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11. "This one was a real brain teaser…"

Reddit | demostheneze

I think that firefighter Kevin might be in need of more help than he's letting on. I don't fancy his chances of being able to find his way out of a burning building.

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12. "Sport in everyday life."

Reddit | ak91hu

I always hate it when places try to "spice up" urinals. They don't need to be special things, they're just toilets!

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13. "We never know."

They just need to make sure that on the off-chance they do need to use it that it hasn't expired!

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14. "Moleskin jackets perhaps? Although they look best on the original mole."

Reddit | orlanthi

The person who wrote this sign has to be a father, surely? Or, at the very least, they have to be a father-to-be!

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15. "This will pay our daughter's college in 30 years."

Reddit | Max-X57

I wonder how many people now would look at this and just see a physical rendering of the save icon and not a floppy disc.

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16. "Do I get an A for effort?"

Reddit | arto71

Ah, so I have clearly been doing puzzles wrong my entire life! This would have made the whole process much faster!

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17. "Horse power!"

Reddit | Bmansway

I don't want to know where the key goes to get the engine going. Let's just keep that as a trade secret.

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18. "Wife and I bought a car, accidentally took a pic with panorama. Guess I'm an alien."

Reddit | cat_lizard

This is so seamless that it genuinely took me a moment to realize that he isn't meant to have two heads!

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19. Is That A Quote From Their Enthusiastic Mother?

Reddit | Warm-Branch

One Floridian explained, "The cop cars in orange country [Florida] all say making a difference in comic sans with useless quotation marks. Makes it seem like they aren't making a difference."

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20. "This tree growing out of a car near a car dealership."

Reddit | PhilosopherStriking1

I know that there are plenty of cars trying to claim the title of being the "greenest car" out there, but this one will take some beating!

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