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Moms Are Making Edible Sand By Putting Cheerios In A Blender


Now that the long winter is behind us (knock on wood), a sunny day at the beach is definitely in order. Unfortunately, rainy Spring may have other ideas.

Instead of biding our time and staring out the window longingly, why not bring the beach inside?

Marmarpickle's TikTok video went viral this past year after she filmed herself making a tasty dish for her little beach bum.

She blended cheerios to make sand!

Lacking an outdoor sandbox area of their own, the viral TikTok mom posted a video of how she made "edible sand" for her little girl.

Pouring a bunch of cheerios into a blender, Marmarpickle wanted her daughter to experience the joys of a sandy beach without the risk of swallowing a handful of dirt.

Her solution? Cheerios in a pan!

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She created a sandbox that's completely edible.

marmarpickle | TikTok

Spreading the powder into a dish and grabbing her daughter's favorite sandbox toys, she placed her daughter in front of the bowl to see how she'd react.

Immediately captivated, the faux-sand was an instant hit, her daughter's hands going straight from "sand" to mouth, to sand again.

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The viral hack caught the attention of moms everywhere.

marmarpickle | TikTok

Astonished that they didn't think of it themselves, many viewers applauded the mom for her cleverness, eager to try the hack on their own sand-eating children.

Like with most things, though, not everyone was immediately sold.

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A few people still had reservations.

marmarpickle | TikTok

A few comments that gathered a lot of support point out how now, any time the girl goes to the beach, she's going to think sand is for eating.

To be fair, after munching down on the first handful of not-at-all-cheerio-tasting sand, she may find herself less inclined to go for seconds.

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What do you think of Marmarpickle's cereal hack, would you try it with your own kids? What other "summer can't come soon enough" DIYs have you come up with? Let us know in the comments below!

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