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The Golden Retriever Experience Lets People Spend Hours Playing With Goldies

Lex Gabrielle

For dog lovers of the world, there is nothing more magical than being able to play with multiple dogs at once. Any dog lover knows that the more dogs, the merrier. Imagine if you could be left in a field of dozens of dogs for hours, able to play? It's truly like heaven.

Now, thanks to "The Golden Retriever Experience," you can.

The Golden Retriever Experience is an attraction that is run by a family in West Somerset.

The entire attraction is that you and your family can play with a huge pack of Goldens—a dream!

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They offer an array of packages.

The Experience usually charges tickets for 2-hour sessions.

But, you can also book 3-hour, 4-hour, and overnight sessions, too.

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The attraction also accommodates people and children with special needs.

According to their website, the Experience "accommodates for those challenged by Autism, Aspergers and any other social, behavioural or learning difficulties. We can also help blind and deaf clients, elderly patients, and patients recovering from brain injury (ABI)."

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If you know someone who loves dogs and Goldens, you have to book this trip.

The prices for tickets start at around 60. However, you can also buy gift certificates for people and book multiple session reservations.

Can you think of a better gift to give someone who loves dogs? I think not!

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