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Elderly Couple Used Morse Code To Break Out Of Their Assisted Living Facility

Lex Gabrielle

They say that two heads are better than one when it comes to carrying out a plan. It seems that when you want something, no matter what, you can achieve it. Especially when you are with someone you love and care about, right?

Recently, an elderly couple worked together to break out of their assisted living facility.

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The couple, who were living at Elmcroft of Lebanon, managed to work together and use past military experience to use Morse code as their means of escape.

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The couple both have dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, as well.

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Aside from knowing morse code, they were able to remember it, despite their illnesses. They used the Morse code to memorize the code to the door in order to escape together.

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According to documents, the couple only made it down the road before they were found.

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The man told the officials that he worked with Morse code in the military and was able to memorize the numbers that the staff had punched into the keypad for the doors.

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While it sounds adorable, the assisted living facility was fined.

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The assisted living facility was fined $2,000 by state officials. They also issued a statement saying they would check on their residents more "regularly." According to papers, they have also changed all keypad codes on their doors.

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