13+ People Who Photoshopped Their Way Into A Life Of Lies

Paddy Clarke

Photoshop is a tool that can be used to hilarious ends. Sometimes though, it can also lead individuals into a life of deception from which there may be no return!

So, from individuals who got banned from Tinder for the strangest of reasons to people who thought that internal organs were an optional extra on the human body, here are 13+ people who photoshopped their way into a life of lies.

1. "Dude got banned From tinder because his match was offended by Photoshop."

Reddit | 4thmonkey96

I just don't even know where to start with this one. Did she only match with him to get one of those "dolls"?

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2. "I was shopping online when I saw this dress... And those shoulders..."

Reddit | saithesti

But...why? Why would they ever do this to this poor model? What purpose does this serve?!

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3. "Oh Well..."

Reddit | KKaena

I love it when my hats can express my shock for me! This is the future of expressing yourself through fashion!

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4. "That is one GIANT ass hand."

Reddit. | Leathermoss

She looks like she has one hell of a mean right hook! Also, how did she not catch this before posting the photo? Looks like she could catch anything with that hand!

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5. Always Check Your Reflections!

Reddit | InV_lid

Wait, so you're telling me that she has photoshopped her face on the right? Good lord, I would never have known!

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6. "I just can't stop staring at the dark void between her arm and waist."

Reddit | brainego

But if you do stare too long into the void between her arm and her waist, legend has it that you will go insane.

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7. "Those arms and that waist are ridiculous..."

Reddit | rotang2240

Some people did call her out on this somewhat strange picture, but someone pointed out "she even doubled-down on it's authenticity after people called her out."

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8. "Someone did a poor job levelling this floor."

Reddit | phione

The longer you look at this one the worse it gets. You would have thought that a celebrity of her status would have a team of professionals to do this kind of thing!

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9. "A local school posted photos on their social media about how they are following guidelines. They photoshopped a mask on the teacher's face."

Reddit | magikarpcatcher

It baffles me the amount of times that people forget to check their reflection when photoshopping!

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10. Definitely Taken In Paris!

Reddit | CongoSpaceGurlxx

Someone did term this a "Fauxcation" which is a fantastic portmanteau that I will be using at any opportunity going forward.

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11. "Saw this post for Ann Summers this morning however was sat giggling at the photoshop attempt in the mirror..."

Reddit | silentwhispxr

So, what I am getting from this is that they are now marketing lingerie at poltergeists?

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12. "Having a ribcage is so last season!"

Reddit | l-angeray

One photoshop sleuth posited, "They've just photoshopped her thigh, turned it upside down and replaced her stomach with it I'm SO SURE."

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13. "Best giveaway announcement I've ever seen."

Reddit | JonathanTheZero

Ah, so that is one of those invisible phones that I've heard so much about. Apple are really pushing the boat out with the new model.

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14. "Why are her feet so big!?"

Reddit | poggedfrogged

Maybe she is leaning really far backwards? This store really screwed this model over with this edit, imagine how angry you would be after the fact!

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15. The whitest teeth in the west.

Some say that his teeth are so white that he gets complaints from nearby airports whenever he gets too close to one.

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16. "Internal organs? Never heard of 'em!"

Reddit | Negative_Splace

Someone pointed out that he looks like a "Buff ant" and now I cannot see anything else!

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17. That Thumb Is Looking Quite Suspicious!

Reddit | Zhorhersi

This is just reminding me of the Other Mother in Coraline, except it is somehow more unsettling.

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18. "Sitting behind exit row. Guy takes his feet-stretched-out pic with the caption, 'Do I look like I sit economy?' All from economy."

Reddit | Jah-Eazy

The fact that he is wearing shoes that hideous means I am not shocked that he also lies about things like this.

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If I had legs and feet like that then I would have strongly considered taking up swimming.

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20. "Photoshop fail, unless this is a whole new yoga."

Reddit | tribelawn

"So, Dave, we need to talk about that new yoga technique..."

"I promise I'll get it right next time."

"I'm sorry Dave, we just can't afford to spare any more members!"

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