15+ Mistakes That Were In Full View

Paddy Clarke

If you make a mistake in life, the best thing you can hope for is to get away with it without anyone noticing! However, this is a luxury that the people on this list never had a chance of experiencing.

So, without further ado, please enjoy these 15+ mistakes that were in full view!

1. "You had 1 job, Peter..."

Reddit | Inwestigator

I actually quite like the name "Mnald's McDom" if I'm honest! It really rolls off the tongue!

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2. "I would like to share with you all the time I was politely dissed by R.L. Stine. I was in 4th Grade and mailed my book to him to autograph."

Reddit | jonathanfailuretomas

Maybe R.L. Stine thought that there was less chance of the second page being ripped off than the front cover? Either that or he was just acting the goat.

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3. Dressing The Mannequins Is Hard!

Reddit | Gregos81

I like that they have basically just gone, "Look, you know what color the shirt is, here it is, and here's a tie to go with it. What more do you want?!"

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4. "Ran that cable through the wall, boss."

Reddit | the123king-reddit

"Looks like I really lost my spool with this job!"

"Seriously, Dave, this is no time for jokes."

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5. "My daughter wanted this dog cake for her birthday. I am not paying £25 when I can do it myself."

Reddit | GodOfArk

£25 is absolutely a reasonable price for a cake like that! The time, effort, and ingredients would make that well worth your while!

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6. "Updated the sale price!"

Reddit | Elbarto_007

I know that people can be easily swayed by the idea of a "sale price" but this is too on-the-nose!

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7. Not My Job...

Reddit | namelesske

Someone did point out that now you will be able to know where to put the forklift back to at least.

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8. "Ah! The mighty cool dcuk!"

Reddit | _Infinitesque_

Is this meant to be a parody French Connection duck? I mean, that would be a pretty niche market if so!

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9. A Very Important Typo In Finnish!

Reddit | vilhoh7

The person who posted this explained, "This sign has a typo ([it's] in Finnish) it was meant to say angry birds corner (angry birds nurkkaus) but instead it says angry birds masturbation (angry birds runkkaus)."

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10. "Pure embarrassment..."

Reddit | TuruncuHardal

Noise cancelling headphones really changed the game with trying to fart surreptitiously in public. They give you such a false sense of security.

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11. "I bet nobody's gonna notice..."

Reddit | EnOleErland

"Do you want me to just print one off?"

"For the last time, Dave, I can draw it! Stop asking!"

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12. "They'll never notice..."

Reddit | Lvanwinkle18

Why bother measuring something when you can just cut it a hundred times instead?

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13. "Somebody's first and/or last day at Maker's Mark."

Reddit | Lisa831

One whisky connoisseur added, "That is what is referred to as a slam dunk. A bottle can be a slam dunk where the wax goes all the way down the neck of the bottle and often down the body of it too, or a double dip which just goes generally further down the neck but not as far as that one."

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14. "It's called a clutch, guys."

Reddit | Maddybear167

Imagine going through all of the effort of committing to robbing a car and breaking into it, only to be foiled by your own incompetence.

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15. "What were the they thinking while instaling this?!"

Redditt | idkhowtotft

"Look, you can either have a working fan or a projector. It's one or the other."

"Can't you just install them further apart?"

"Oooooh, look at you being a genius. No, no I cannot do that."

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Yeah, but Sunday doesn't count as a day anyway, it's not like it is a real day! Come on!

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17. "Revised edition."

Reddit | kornian

"This is my final word on the matter, and on all matters for that matter!"

"Okay God."

"Oh, actually, wait..."

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18. "Found in Orlando today. Stay in scohol kids."

Reddit | Broadladesh

"Scohol" sounds like a really low-budget high-proof beer that you would get for pennies at a corner shop.

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19. "The fact that this warning is even needed."

Reddit | CheesusTheRedeemer

"Dave, I hope you saw the stickers on the pumps."

"Christ, Steve, it was one time."

"And one time too many at that."

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20. "Yoga mat is unintentionally pessimistic..."

Reddit | Revolutionary-Map377

I like the idea of having a mat that is much more aggressively miserable than your traditional "welcome" mat.

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