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Adam Sandler Reacts After Embarrassed IHOP Employee Doesn't Recognize Him

While most of us can't really say we meet celebrities all the time, that can change a lot if you live somewhere like New York City or Los Angeles, where they're more likely to work and live.

And since they have the same cravings that we do, that goes double if you work in the service industry in those places. Granted, stories about haughty famous people proclaiming "do you know who I am?" when they don't get their way predate the internet, but you're far more likely to hear them when servers have access to platforms with audiences that potentially number in the millions.

Of course, such employees can also use that platform to show us that not all celebrities are like that as one viral TikTok capturing Adam Sandler's experience at IHOP made clear. And in the days since its release, he's come forward with a classy response.

On April 25, a TikTok user and IHOP hostess who goes by @day.dayanna shared a clip that she found a little embarrassing.

TikTok | @day.dayanna

In it, she explained that she hadn't recognized Adam Sandler at all when he and his daughter stepped into her workplace in Manhasset, New York.

According to NBC News, she said that she wasn't used to seeing him with a beard and "the mask didn't help."

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So since she saw him as any other customer, she told Sandler that he had a 30-minute wait ahead of him.

As we can see in the clip here, that leads him to conclude that the wait isn't really worth it and he leaves.

But as we can see from her regretful caption of "Pleaseee come back," she seems to feel like she missed out by breaking that news to him.

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But while it may have been a missed opportunity for her, it confirmed for her viewers that Sandler doesn't have a big ego.

Instagram | @adamsandler

According to NBC News, one person commented, "At least he didn't use his fame to rush anything he left like a normal person would."

Others who had served Sandler in the past also confirmed their pleasant experiences, saying, "I used to serve him regularly. Never served a nicer person" and "And he tips big. Ya'll missed out."

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And on the night of May 3, Sandler addressed his time at IHOP in a way that only made people love him more.

Not only did he clearly not want the hostess to feel bad, but he found a clever way to be relatable. Also, that's just good to know in general.

h/t: NBC News

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