City Offers Homeless People One-Way Travel Tickets If They Agree To Never Return

The Swiss city of Basel has introduced an offer to their homeless population: They will be paid to go nearly anywhere they want, so long as they never come back.

A city in Switzerland has launched a rather unconventional program regarding their homeless population.

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The city of Basel will provide homeless people with a one-way ticket to any destination in Europe. The catch is, they must agree to never return to Switzerland.

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They're required to sign a contract stating that they will not return to the country for a certain period of time.

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The punishment is pretty stiff, as Basel's Department of Justice spokesperson, Toprak Yergu, told 20 Minutes: "If they are checked again, they risk expulsion from our country."

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Switzerland historically has a low tolerance for people experiencing homelessness.

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Some major cities like Vaud passed laws banning begging, with others choosing to fine homeless people, then arresting them when they can't pay those fines.

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This program has already seen some form of success.


As of April 29, 31 people have chosen to take the travel voucher, with 14 of them being from Romania, 7 from Belgium, 7 from Germany, 2 from Italy, and 1 from France.

In 2018, the estimated homeless population of Basel was 208, so 31 is a rather sizable portion already.

h/t: 20 Minutes

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