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Hilarious Sign War Goes Viral Online: 'There's No Boundaries'

Jordan Claes

The Streaming Wars are in full swing and the Console Wars have been waging for nearly two decades. But in Listowel, Ontario, a battle is brewing that seeks to rival even the mightiest mainstream media spat. Prepare to bear witness to the Sign Wars!

In the midst of a third lockdown, local business owners of Listowel, Ontario have banded together as a show of solidarity for a friendly war of words. It's not only helping to reinvigorate the local economy — but it's also catching on across the province!

The great Sign War of Listowel began as a friendly challenge between Speedy Glass and the Dairy Queen.

Instagram | @speedyglasslistowel

Motivated by a sense of community (and sheer boredom), Speedy Glass owner Trevor Cork decided to have a little fun with the marquee sign outside his business. He took his bag of letters outside, climbed the ladder so as to reach the sign, and wrote:


After that, Trevor went back inside and went about his day. In no time at all, he received the response he was hoping for.

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In no uncertain terms, Dairy Queen came to play. They struck first with this incredibly punny retort.

Instagram | @speedyglasslistowel

Sure, it might be a little on the nose but you have to give DQ credit for setting the bar. Trevor and his team knew that in order to beat the Dairy Queen at her own game, they'd have to take things to the next level.

That's when Trevor decided to turn up the heat on the Queen, and from there — things started to get toasty!

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It didn't take long for the town to notice what was going on. Soon, other local businesses became eager for a piece of the action.

Instagram | @speedyglasslistowel

According to an interview that Trevor gave to the BBC (that's right — the British Broadcasting Channel), the appeal of the Sign Wars has spread like wildfire throughout the southwestern Ontario town.

"There are thousands of signs on local businesses from our town alone to neighbouring[sic] towns and cities and counties. It absolutely blew up."

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Now, the entire town of Listowel is out to best one another in a friendly war of words!

Facebook | Virginia Dunbar

Nearly every local business in town has signed up for the Sign Wars. Restaurants, book stores — even the Libro Credit Union! The overwhelmingly positive response is encouraging but not surprising, at least not according to Speedy Glass owner, Trevor Cork.

In an interview with CTV, Cork explained that “I'm extremely surprised on one hand but not surprised knowing the tight knit[sic] community that we have here."

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Hollie Chavarria, a Listowel local as well as an employee at Birdie's Holy Guacomole, echoed a similar statement:

Instagram | @speedyglasslistowel

“I think it's gone so viral because a lot of local businesses are struggling, and there's no boundaries as to where this sign war can end,” Hollie told CTV.

And with no end to the lockdown in immediate sight, the signage has gotten saltier and saltier. Not only that but other cities and towns in the area have started issuing their own Sign War challenges.

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From Sarnia to Owen Sound, Sign Wars are starting to pop up all over the province, and absolutely nothing is off the table.

Facebook | The Sugar Maple Restaurant

The only rule in Sign Wars is that there are no rules in Sign Wars! This absolute doozy comes courtesy of The Sugar Maple Restaurant in Stratford, ON.

You've got to admire Sugar Maple for not only managing to stay topical, but also producing a triple pun trifecta that doesn't just relate to home Harware's business practices, but the pandemic as well.

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So keep your eyes peeled and have your marquee letters at the ready because the Sign Wars could be coming to your town next!

Instagram | @speedyglasslistowel

Local Ontario business owners have been hit especially hard during the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurant owner Diana Sweets told CTV that the Sign Wars has been a welcomed distraction and has given her something to look forward to.

With a little luck, as well as a few clever quips, the province of Ontario will regain the foothold it once so strongly held in its local community. And with the hard work of inspirational business owners like Trevor Cork, it's already well on its way.

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