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Aussie Bakery Challenges Pastry Lovers With Massive 1Kg Doughnut


What's the biggest foodstuff you've ever eaten?

I'm not talking about biggest meal, I'm talking about the biggest individual item of food.

We live in a world of absurdly big food — epic sandwiches, pizzas that are measured in feet rather than inches and, as we'll see, a truly magnificent donut.

Big desserts are nothing new.

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If you need proof, just check Guinness, because they have categories for everything. The biggest dessert in the pumpkin pie division, for instance, was made in Ohio back in 2010 and measured a whopping twenty feet across, weighing in at 3,699 pounds.

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What if you're more of a donut person?

Kenilworth Country Bakery in Australia knows donuts. And right now, the bakery is offering a challenge to its customers.

...well, truth be told, it isn't really a challenge. They're just 'challenging' customers to buy, take home, and presumably eat a massive donut.

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How big are these donuts?

Well, they're pretty big. They might not be 'biggest donut wall' big (seriously, that's a record?), but at a hefty one kilogram apiece — that's well over two pounds — these donuts are way bigger than anything you'll find at Dunkin'.

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I wonder if anyone can eat one in one sitting.

Some quick googling tells me that an average 100-gram jelly donut has 452 calories. Since a kilogram is a thousand grams, that means these massive donuts are ten times bigger, which would make them check in at roughly 4,500 calories.

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Get 'em before they're gone.

You'll have to be in Australia to get one of these crazy donuts, but it definitely looks worth it. If you go, though, maybe it's worth sharing the donut with a couple of friends.

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