'Greys Anatomy' Star Jesse Williams Is Leaving The Series After 12 Seasons

Well, as if Grey's Anatomy fans haven't been through enough over the show's 17 seasons, it looks like we're getting another dagger to the heart.

Yep, that's right — Jesse Williams is leaving the series after a 12 season run and I, for one, am not okay!

Fans found out on Thursday night that Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams is leaving the series after his character Jackson Avery’s pending exit was revealed.

Jesse's last episode, titled "Tradition," will air on May 20th.

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Grey’s Anatomy executive producer/showrunner Krista Vernoff gave a statement to Deadline about the actor's departure.

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Jesse Williams is an extraordinary artist and activist. Watching his evolution these past 11 years both on screen and off has been a true gift."

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"Jesse brings so much heart, such depth of care, and so much intelligence to his work. We will miss Jesse terribly and we will miss Jackson Avery — played to perfection for so many years."

I'm not crying, you're crying.

h/t: Deadline.

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