Mom Asks If She's Wrong To Not Want 25-Year-Old Daughter Sleeping In Her BF's Bed


We've all run across personal dilemmas that could benefit from an outsider's perspective.

On Reddit, there's a thriving subreddit that features just these tricky situations. Naturally, some of the stories are real doozies — and this one is no exception.

A mom doesn't want her daughter sleeping in the same bed as her boyfriend.

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The mom starts off by writing that her daughter and boyfriend came over to celebrate the Easter holiday.

She asked her daughter (who's 25 years old) to sleep in a separate room from her boyfriend (who she lives with), because "it's our house and our rules."

Everyone agreed to the arrangement, but after the holiday was over it came out that the woman's daughter didn't want to stay there anymore.

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"I think this is ridiculous."

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"I said she was punishing us for having a very reasonable rule, and that she obviously doesn't truly respect 'our house, our rules,'" wrote the mom.

She then opened things up for discussion. You can probably imagine how things went.

The most upvoted comment pointed out that "25-year-olds who are treated like they are 15" are less likely to want to visit their parents.

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Most people thought the mom was in the wrong.

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Another comment related a similar story, where her husband was forced to sleep at his grandmother's house across the street.

"I'm a bit old (37 at the time) to be told where I can and can't sleep," she wrote. "I'm an adult, and I expect to be treated that way. I work through mutual respect and cooperation, not through commands delivered the same way they were when I was 8."

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A few comments sided with the mom.


Some said the mom wasn't in the wrong because it's her house. A couple also said that no one was at fault.

But, by and large, virtually every commenter seemed to agree that the mom was making unreasonable requests of her grown daughter.

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What do you think?


This is a relatively common scenario that pops up between parents and their grown-up children. And while Reddit overwhelmingly sided with the daughter in this situation, that doesn't mean there isn't nuance to the family dynamic.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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