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Sir David Attenborough Celebrates His 95th Birthday

There are few people as universally recognized, and universally loved, as broadcasting legend and conservationist Sir David Attenborough. His work, which has spanned over 60 years, has shaped the way we view wildlife, and how we can manage to protect them.

Now, it's time to celebrate a man who truly needs no introduction, but I just gave him one anyway, — Sir David Attenborough!

Sir David Attenborough is the epitome of someone who has mastered the skill of evolving with the times.

To put his career scope into perspective, he's the only person ever to win British Film and Television Awards for projects made in every possible viewing format.

We're talking all the way from black-and-white to the 4K and VR productions of today.

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If you can believe it, the 95-year-old has also received honorary degrees from at least 32 different universities for his contributions to science education — and I barely managed to get one degree!

These days, David is staying connected with fans on his Instagram account, and through his most recent work, his Netflix documentary Our Planet.

Happy birthday to the man who never fails to impress the world, Sir David Attenborough

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