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Cat Owner Builds Roadside Display Of Items Stolen From Neighbors


As most cat owners know, cats can be some of the sweetest, most adorable pets in the world... when they're not being troublesome, mischief-causing agents of chaos.

Lovers of wily hijinks and shenanigans, cats can get into all kinds of trouble, not the least of which is stealing and hiding your personal items and belongings.

Cats: the ultimate cat burglars?

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Let loose on the world, these kleptomaniac cuties are capable of letting even the neighbors know they exist.

Left outside for safekeeping; shoes, socks, and garden gloves are safe-no-more as long as cats roam the streets... Which brings us to Esme.

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Esme's side of the story:

Lennon Cheng | Unsplash

A friendly neighborhood cat, gardening season meant something completely different for Esme: free offerings!

Noticing that all the neighbors were leaving her thoughtful gifts around their yard (like gardening gloves and free clothing), Esme happily accepted.

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Caught in the act.

Unsplash | Clément Falize

After receiving the 10th "gift" in a row from their well-meaning cat, Esme's owner decided it was time for their little miscreant to come clean.

Setting up a streetside "yard sale", Esme's misunderstanding was exposed, quite literally airing her dirty laundry.

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"My cat is a thief".

johnfilson | Reddit

Hung on a clothesline beside a sign reading "My cat is a thief", the apologetic cat owner outed her furry criminal, giving the gloves back to their original keepers.

Chastized and caught once, I think it's safe to say that Esme will one hundred percent be back at it almost immediately.

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What feline-ies have your cats committed?


Though we jest, we truly do love the adorable terrors. Charismatic and full of personality, you can't help but fall for them - especially when they're purring in your lap with big, innocent-looking kitty eyes.

What about you, do you have cat stories of your own? What trouble does your loveable nightmare get up to? Let us know in the comments!

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