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Nicole Richie's Tribute To 'Multitasking Moms' Is Peak Relatability

Taylor Sakellis

Nicole Richie is having a full-blown Renaissance. As we know, kids today are obsessed with early aughts celebrities, fashion trends, and decor (hello, did you see inflatable furniture is making a comeback?) and naturally, this means the rest of us who lived through these times are becoming nostalgic AF.

Now, Nicole Richie is getting real about parenting in the most Nicole Richie way ever.

If you didn't watch The Simple Life I truly don't know how you missed it.

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The show, iconically starring Nicole Richie and her BFF Paris Hilton, showed the young women trying different jobs — which often involved being in the country and getting messy.

It was TV gold.

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After the show ended, Nicole opted for a more ~ simple ~ life (literally) and tied the knot with hubby Joel Madden in 2010.

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The pair have two children together — Harlow Madden, 13, and Sparrow Madden, 11.

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For Mother's Day, Nicole posted a special tribute to all the multitasking mamma's out there.


Of course, since she's Nicole Richie, the post also included the most iconic photo ever.

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Captioning the pic of her pumping her breasts while sipping wine in UGGS, the 39-year-old wrote:

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"To all of the multi-tasking moms just making it all work. Happy Mothers Day!"

Is this not the most relatable post ever?

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