Woman Ignites Drama By Announcing Pregnancy During SIL's Engagement Dinner

June 25, 2021

Upstaging people at big events is generally regarded as a faux pas. At an event designed to honor someone, it isn't cool to make the proceedings about yourself.

This might seem like common knowledge, but these things still happen.

Nevertheless, a Redditor asked if they were in the right or wrong when they got mad at their sister-in-law for upstaging them.

Let's set the scene.

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It was OP's engagement dinner at a fancy restaurant.

"We had a great time ... until my SIL approached me with her husband and handed me my engagement gift," wrote OP.

"This was sweet of her, really. I opened it to find a pair of baby shoes inside."

Uh, what?!

For a confused moment, everyone thought the gift meant OP was pregnant.

But then SIL said, "Congratulations, you're going to be an auntie and uncle!"

"She announced that she and her husband were expecting," wrote OP. "I was in shock as everyone got up from their seats and started congratulating [them]."

It moved the focus onto SIL and her husband.

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OP eventually pulled her SIL aside to ask why she picked this event to announce their pregnancy.

The answer? Everyone was there already, and "it's a double joy."

Things got a little heated, and OP wound up kicking her SIL out of the party entirely. This ended the party prematurely, and some family members say that OP ruined her own engagement dinner.

Some thought SIL was tactless.

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"It was OP's engagement party that they were funding. That's like announcing an engagement or pregnancy during a wedding. It's tacky and rude. Once her SIL did that, it became a pregnancy party that OP was still funding. I understand her frustration and she has every right to call her out for it," summed up one commenter.

Was OP just being immature?

Some users concluded that everyone was basically in the wrong.

"Sure, the [event] was for you, but are you really such an immature child that you cannot handle the attention being off you for a little while?" asked one Redditor. "I find that ridiculously vain. If OP had just smiled and congratulated SIL, the night would have gone on."

It was in poor taste, but...

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Some commenters said that OP did, in fact, ruin her own engagement party.

This commenter acknowledged that SIL probably shouldn't have done it. But then they wrote, "At most, you could have messaged her after to explain how it made you feel. But in the moment? It was already done and you definitely did ruin your own engagement dinner."

What's your take?

In many cases on that subreddit, practically everyone agrees that OP was in the right. But there's an interesting range of opinions for this one.

Make sure to check out the whole thread, then let us know how OP should have handled herself in the comments section.