Man Asks If He Was Wrong To Kick Sister Out After Her Son Gave The Dog Dreadlocks

When it comes to pets, many pet owners cherish their animals deeply. They're important members of the family, which means when something happens to them, it's personal.

When helping out his sister and her son resulted in his dog being messed with, one man reacted by kicking them out of his home, but he worried afterward that he may have been too harsh.

When someone we know is in need of help, we often want to do what we can for them.

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Especially when they're family.

One Reddit user allowed his sister and her son to move in with him and his daughter as his sister had lost her apartment. She was only going to stay with him long enough to save up and find somewhere else to live, which he was fine with, but things went awry pretty quickly.

He said she had been driving him crazy lately and listed the reasons why.

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"She is up late at night on the phone or watching tv ([I] go to work at 3:30 am so [I've] been getting less sleep) her son constantly bothers my daughter, she has brought men over from the bars etc. She doesn't do chores, they make messes and I've addressed these issues so many time and [I] get ignored," he wrote.

But there was one particular incident that resulted in a breaking point for him.

One day he returned home from work to discover that his nephew had given his dog dreadlocks.

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He knew it wasn't healthy for dogs to have those or any sort of matted hair, and when he asked his nephew about it, he said he thought it'd look cool and wasn't finished yet.

He then detailed how he told them to leave, she got mad at him for doing so and told their whole family about it. While their parents took his side, their siblings and cousins did not and proceeded to bombard him with calls saying he needs to take them back.

"I feel bad because they're struggling but giving my dog dreadlocks was just crossing the line," he wrote.

So he asked the internet. Was he right to kick them out? Should he take them back in?

The answer was pretty unanimous, saying he was completely justified in making them leave.

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"I would have kicked her out when she started bringing random men into your house when you have a daughter at home and didn’t clean up after herself," wrote one commenter who confirmed that the author was not the bad guy here.

"A 'struggling mom' who was really struggling would be appreciative of your generosity and take care to treat your place and the inhabitants respectfully," wrote another.

Others, amongst all the agreement, were offering advice and insight.

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Advice regarding his dog's fur, and insight into his family's behavior. Why would they spend so much time calling him and practically begging him to take her back in? Because they were worried she would try and live with them instead. That's what many commenters believed, anyway.

The author's dog is fine and now his apartment is free of unruly guests, and he can rest easily knowing that was the smartest decision he could have made.