20 Pictures That Really Need Context To Become Fascinating

There are some pictures on the internet that are...well, they're strange, to say the least. They could do with a little bit of context, let's just say that.

And yet, sometimes, even when you do get a bit of the picture's backstory, it still doesn't make a lot of sense.

Whether these pictures make sense or not, they're at least pretty enjoyable.

"These ants made a bridge out themselves."

That just looks like a trail of dirt. Except, it isn't. Those are ants. Who have decided, for some reason, that they need to get across this body of water, and created a bridge. I almost wish I didn't have the context for this picture, because it's creeping me out.

"An order I had long forgotten was shipped to me today. Almost 3 years late."

I guess anything is possible these days. I'd just assume that, at this point, I wouldn't be getting a package that I ordered all the way back in 2018. But life is full of surprises, and the post office always finds a way. Or, something like that. Who knows anymore?

"Eucalyptus oil in my diffuser is turning all the flames in my house orange."

Ever seen orange fire? Of course you have, just probably not on a gas stove. That fire is pretty much always mostly blue. And only a bit orange.

Apparently, the amount of eucalyptus oil in the air is turning the flames orange? Hopefully that isn't unhealthy in any way. At least it looks pretty cool.

"Something interesting and satisfying about this plumbing job at the site my best friend is working on. I know nothing about plumbing, but I can dig the layout."

I'm no plumber, but this looks like the job of someone who takes serious pride in their work. Everything is so neat and tidy, going to where it needs to go without being a tangled mess. Maybe all pipes look like this, though. Still, it's cool to see for sure.

"One year ago, our tree fell down for no apparent reason. It's still alive."

I'm not sure which is weirder, the fact that the tree is still alive, or the fact that it fell down randomly. At least it didn't land on anything, like the fence or the house, but it's still so weird.

Unrelated, but there's a dog in the corner that I only just noticed. So cute!

"I caught more flies with honey than vinegar."

If I didn't have that caption for context, I'd be really confused about these two cups. Anything could be in them.

But as it turns out, the saying is true. You will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Which makes sense, since honey is sweet, and flies prefer it to something like vinegar.

"My wife was surprised to crack a 3 yolk egg. I have seen twin egg yolks before, but never a triplet!!"

We've seen eggs with one yolk. We've seen eggs with two yolks. We've even seen eggs without any yolk whatsoever. But an egg that had three yolks in it? That's a first for me, and I'm sure it is for you, too.

Hopefully they aren't using those eggs to bake, because that would seriously mess up the recipe.

"This spoon paved into the ground."

Some pictures tell a story. Others send a message. I'm not really sure about this one, though. How did that spoon get there? Did no one notice it when they were paving? Is there any way that this all could've been avoided? There isn't enough context in the world to make this make sense.

"The way this tree root grew in between the bricks."

I guess this root was just trying to find a way to expand, and since it probably can't dig through the bricks (though at this point, I wouldn't be surprised), it decided to go between them. Which created a cool pattern. I'm sure that's probably super annoying to deal with, though.

"Reached down to pick up a piece of plastic from the trail… turned out to be a dragonfly wing."

This has happened to me before, where I thought I was picking up a random piece of plastic and it ended up being a bug's wing. It's cool! But it's also gross! I feel bad for whatever bug ended up losing a wing. But, like, I don't feel that bad.

"My Fourth of July Oreo filling looks like the Pepsi logo."

I must be living under a rock, because I didn't even know that Fourth of July Oreos existed. The fact that this one pretty much made the Pepsi logo is hilarious, but a little suspicious. Are Oreo and Pepsi working together to try and get us to buy more snacks?

"This Polaroid picture I took just as our camera ran out of juice."

This picture looks super old, like something taken in the '20s. But it's actually really recent; it just looks old because of the fact that the Polaroid camera snapped it while on its last legs. You can't beat that vintage, kind of mysterious aesthetic, though. It looks even more amazing than the regular photo would've.

"My wife found this in the yard and picked it up thinking it was a rusty nail. It was just a stick that looks like a nail."

Is it a screw? Is it a nail? It's neither of those things. It's just a twig that happens to look strangely nail- or screw-like. I once heard that every shape and pattern we can think of appears in nature. I don't think this is what that idea is talking about, though.

"Tucked the pages I had read into the book cover as a place holder and then forgot about the book for 3 months. The exposed pages aged significantly faster!"

No, no one spilled coffee all over just the back 4/5 of the book. That's what happens to book pages after being exposed to the air and elements for a while. They change color. And the protected pages stay the same. It's pretty cool if you ask me.

"My elderly neighbor is paying me in James Madison dollar coins to help her shop for groceries."

Are dollar coins even a thing these days? Like, will people take them over dollar bills? I guess you legally have to.

But it's still kind of cool that this neighbor had all these coins to give to her grocery helper. Cool, but just a little bit random, too. Where did she get all these?

"This post-workout sweat imprint."

I know, I know, sweat is normal. If you're sweating while working out, you're probably doing it right. There's nothing to be ashamed of.

But that sweat stain is so gross! I kind of would've rather had any other explanation for this than for it to be someone's sweaty back and leg imprints.

"The ring mirror in my hotel bathroom reflects differently off my glasses since each eye has its own prescription."

I don't wear glasses, so I know nothing about prescriptions. I know that your vision can be different in each eye, so this sort of makes sense? I guess it's just really interesting to be able to see an actual visual of how different lenses and prescriptions really work.

"At an ice cream shop..."

I dunno... even knowing that it's an ice cream shop, I wouldn't want to follow the sign. I've seen too many horror movies to not know to follow mysterious signs and go through suspicious doors. There's no telling if you're really going to meet an icy surprise...or your icy doom.

"Found this newspaper from 2007 in an old house I’m working at."

What I want to know is why this 2007 paper looks like it came out of the 80s. Am I really so old that 2007 was actually a long time ago? I think I need to sit down.

But it's still kind of cool, seeing all the movies that were coming out at the time (were they really all sequels?).

"A rock working its way out of my hand after a bicycle accident over 25 years ago."

So that's what that is. Having a rock inside your hand for 25 years... that doesn't sound healthy. Then again, it seems to be pretty harmless. If only there was a way to get that rock out of this person's hand without causing too much pain. Oh well, maybe it'll come out on its own somehow.