Hotel Employee Shares The Things They Wish Guests Would Stop Doing

Staying at a hotel is one of the few luxuries we've been able to enjoy amidst this global pandemic. A staycation in a hotel totally feels like you've travelled somewhere new, which is super exciting. If you've wondered about your hotel etiquette, look no further than this article, where I will explain to you the six major things one hotel employee is begging you to stop doing!

Hotels are kind of the best.

Fresh, clean sheets that I don't need to wash? Yes, please! Little bottles of shampoo and conditioner that I will be taking home with me? You know it!

However, there are a lot of things that we can do as hotel guests that make hotel employee's lives a lot harder, which is not GOOD!

Marriott hotel employee and avid traveller Justin Aldrich recently spoke with Insider about the every day things guests do that he wishes they wouldn't.

Unsplash | Jonathan Kemper

The first thing? Don't expect the same hotels to have the same things everywhere you go!

"Although my Tennessee location would love to serve you the fresh seafood you found during your stay in Florida, it's far too costly for us to make a profit that way," he said. "Looking at things like menus and amenities before you book can help ensure we have on-site options that meet your expectations."

He also would appreciate if you didn't freak out about the incidental holds on your credit card — every single hotel does them!

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"Without fail, we get guests every day who will go to war to stop their credit card from being held for an extra $25 incidental hold, which the hotel needs on file to cover things like charging room service to your tab or paying for any damages you may leave behind."

"If you don't leave damages, order a pay-per-view movie, or charge things to your room, the money will be released back to your card in three to five days, I promise."

The next thing people need to stop doing is letting hotel employees know how over-priced their snack bar is.

"Once you're in the hotel, everything is about luxury and convenience. Unfortunately, that reflects in the prices for any snacks or miscellaneous items we have as well."

Justin also wants you to know they *will* find out if you smoke in their non-smoking rooms.

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"I've seen every trick in the book that people think covers up cigarette smoke, and every person has been hit with a $250 to $500 fine. The towel under the door, candle, and bathroom vent don't do what you think they do."

Lastly, it would be great if you asked for a late checkout before you take it, instead of asking for one after the fact.

"Rooms aren't preassigned to the next guest, so asking for a 1 p.m. or 2 p.m. checkout is pretty doable. The housekeeping team already has plenty of work on their plate, so skipping your room to come back later is only a big deal if you leave it trashed (you shouldn't)," he explained.

"On the other hand, staying later than expected without communicating is a huge inconvenience that can result in you being locked out of the room and put you at risk for additional charges."

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h/t: Insider