Worker Criticized For Wearing Makeup Tells Coworker He Shouldn't Be Allowed To Grow A Beard

When it comes to office etiquette, some people can be a little lax with their behaviour towards others. For one person this behaviour went far beyond someone stealing their food from the fridge, as they were called out for wearing makeup in an end of day meeting.

The story of how this person handled being criticised has caused quite the stir online, with most people being unable to resist from giving their own opinions on the tale.

The story came from someone who works at a law firm.

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Posted initially to Reddit's AmItheAsshole page, the 25-year-old woman explained that she had just graduated and was working at a law firm.

"Just for context, recently graduated so right now I don't practice law, but I am basically the receptionist of the office, so I see every single client that comes into the building," they went on to write.

They then went on to explain that they like to wear makeup for work.

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They explained, "I also like wearing makeup, not to the point of being completely unrecognizable, but I do like to wear a full face."

For a lot of people, this person wearing makeup was not an issue. However, one male coworker took exception to this fact.

Their coworker flagged this up during a meeting regarding office "dress code."

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The meeting went perfectly normally, according to this person, until the end of the meeting.

"At the end, my boss asked if someone had any other concern," she wrote. "My coworker (45m), let's call him Mario, said something along the lines of 'I think makeup should be banned, people like [OP] look like a whole different person without it and that misleads the client."

This person was, naturally, shocked by this comment. However, she fired back pretty quickly...

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Upon hearing his comment, this person responded with, "Well, If I am not allowed to wear makeup, then you shouldn’t be allowed to keep your beard, given that you go from a grown man to a 12-year-old when you shave."

It is one hell of a burn in fairness, and the other guy apparently turned bright red.

However, the person who posted this went on to explain:

"I thought that was the end of the situation, but I found out that some of the other employees are making fun of him using the comment I made. I now feel really bad for what I said. I told my family and most of them agreed that what I say was more hurtful that what he said, but, he shouldn’t have named me and tried to make an example out of me [...] AITA?"

Unsurprisingly, the internet was on her side!

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Some of the top comments came in the forms of:

"He just realised in front of everyone in the office that he's now the office misogynist. He should be shamed, and his comment should reported to HR (if you have one), and his ass kicked to the curb." — claypolejr

"What he's really saying is, 'I personally don't like 'too much' makeup and what if a client wants to know how attractive OP really is. You know, in case they want to ask her out. Or, you know, in case I want to as her out.'" — Suspiciouscupcake23

It also emerged that the guy who made the comment had asked out this person before!

Yup, the person who posted this story elaborated on one person's response, writing, "he did ask me out when I was first starting, but I am engaged and I would never date someone like him."

With this little nugget of information, we may have just about solved the case as to why this wonderful human being would be such an asshat towards her.

Whose side of this debacle are you on?

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I cannot imagine why the person who posted this thought that she had gone too far in how she had called him out. One other person pointed out, "You called him out in virtually the same way he called attention to you. If other employees are going to tease him, he's going to have to figure out how to deal with it like a grown-ass adult."

Let us know how you would have responded to his comment down below!

h/t: Reddit