Do We Shower Too Much Or Too Little — Science Has The Answers

One of the key things that people do in their lives is clean themselves. Some prefer to bathe while others prefer to shower, and then others prefer to wipe themselves down with a wet rag and call it a day. Whatever way you prefer to clean yourself off, there is one thing we cannot seem to agree upon — how often should we shower?

Some people shower every single day.

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Many people in the world like to shower every single day. Some wake up and start their day off with a shower in the morning, looking to wake themselves up and start their day off right.

A shower is a great way to jump-start your sleepy soul.

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Others like to shower every night.

After a long day out in the world, some prefer to shower every night to wash the day off.

There are those who don't want to curl up in their clean bed if they still have the "outside" world on them.

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And, there are also those who choose to not shower every day.

Sometimes life gets the best of us, you know what I mean?

While some shower every morning or every night, there are also those who do not shower every single day.

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Some choose every other day and then, there are those who wait two-three days in between, for a variety of reasons.

So, how often should you shower every week?

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The burning question that people have simply is: how often should you shower and when is it too much/too little?

As it turns out, it's all about science and your body and skin.

Knowing about your hair, skin, and body is the key element in whether or not you should shower more or less.

First, consider the weather.

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In the summertime, your body is more likely to sweat and overheat. In the summer, you should probably shower more often than you would in the winter or the fall. Since the weather is not as warm during those seasons, you don't get as overheated.

Next, do you have oily skin or dry skin?

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Knowing your skin type and how your skin reacts to water is crucial in making your shower regimen. Those with oily skin are more likely to shower in order to wash their oils out.

But showering too often can work against oily skin.

If you have irritated skin or eczema, shower less.

Those who have eczema, psoriasis, or even dry skin should work to shower less.


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Showering more can cause your skin to dry out even more so than before and dermatologists often recommend those who have dry skin and conditions to shower two-three times a week at most.

Then, do you have thick hair or thin hair?

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Showering every day and washing your hair can be a hit or a miss for you and your hair care. Those with curly hair or even thick locks should shampoo their hair less, not more. The more you shampoo your hair, the more you're drying it out.

If you're hair is too oily, try dry shampoo.

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If you are someone with thin hair, you may find that it gets hard to leave so much time in between shampooing and showering.

However, showering too much can be bad for hair health overall.

Try using dry shampoo or baby powder to take some of the greases and oil out.

Also, how often do you work out?

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If you are someone who works out every day, then showering every day may be in your best interest. No one wants to go to hit the gym and end up going to bed sweaty and stinky from their workout.

Essentially, every body is different.

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Every person in the world is different, so there is no "one size fits all" ruling on how often you should shower. Overall, consider your lifestyle, body, hair texture, and your skin before you make yourself a solid shower schedule.