Flight Attendant's Hack Reveals The Best Food To Bring On A Plane

When it comes to flying, I never know what to bring. I will often get too stressed out about packing that I'll forget to pack any airplane-approved snacks and have to then spend $30 on a sandwich. Sure, it's not my shining moment — but fear not! I'm here today to share with you all the best snacks to bring from a flight attendant herself.

We all know food on a plane is so expensive because we're all, well... trapped there.

If they want to charge $8 for a bag of chips they're allowed to. It's like the wild, wild west in the sky.

Don't get me wrong, I love a free airplane meal no matter how crappy it is — food is food.

However, there's no denying it can be handy to just pack your own snacks that you can pre-purchase at a normal price.


TikTok user Kat Kamalani has gotten super popular on the platform for sharing her flight attendent hacks for flying.

In one recent video, Kat explains that she brings the same snacks for every flight regardless of whether it's "business, family, vacation, or work".

"I always bring my insulated bag and water bottle to keep hydrated," she began, before adding that she brings a "headache ice bag" to keep her food chilled.

"First off, I always make sure I bring veggies and a piece of fruit," she explained.

"Next, I have to have something that curbs my sweet tooth and I love these Skinny Dipped travel packs and I love how they are filled with clean ingredients."

She then showed off her stack of protein bars which she always brings in case there's a delay.

Other items included a homemade protein waffle, protein balls and hard boiled eggs.

Keeping yourself stocked on protein seems to be the most important part of staying full during long flights! So many great snack ideas it makes me want to travel!